Heavenly Father, I graciously humble myself before thee, seeking thy tender mercies. I come, not in my righteousness, but in Christ’s, thy beloved Son, pleading for us all, to make amends to the God Almighty, begging for your mercy in the days which await us. O LORD, out of our mother’s womb we were born in sin. Consider that and be patient with us. The things that are not good for us we do. And the things that are good for us we do not do. Help us to grown strong in thy strength and in thy power. Holy Spirit, move mightily upon this land and search our hearts. Turn our wicked hearts back to you. O Father, give us a heart of flesh. Put your word into it and let us not depart from it. Your word is truth. Be our God and let us be your people. In all the land draw us close to thee. And we shall magnify you in our soul, even rejoicing in our Spirit. We shall honour you and bless you and your name shall be great among men. Nations shall stand up and rejoice in thy name, even speaking of the wonders of the LORD and of his lovingkindness and his judgment.

With great exaltation, I magnify the most High God. I lift you up in the beauty of holiness. My soul rejoices in thee, O LORD. Thou knowest this truth. The LORD shall be with us, even to the end of time. Blessed be the most High God who stand watch over us, and protects us from evil. The LORD is our God; in him shall we trust. Him shall we lift up and exalt on High. Him shall we honour and worship and glorify. His name shall be the name of rejoicing, for all eternity. JEHOVAH, my God, is blessed forever! Blessed be thy name, O LORD, who is Holy, Holy, Holy. Amen.


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