O LORD God, to whom I glory, let righteousness be lifted up to the ends of the earth. Let thy glory be pristine and exalted in high order. Let thy praises be magnified in the heavens and in the earth. Almighty God, who reigns forever, blessed be thy name. Blessed be the Holy One of Israel, our salvation. The LORD has delivered us and kept us in safety that we may lift up his name forever. God Father, thy faithfulness clings to my bone like marrow. With meekness, my soul surrender to thee, O LORD. How blessed is thy hand that rise up with glory? Thy strength and thy power are magnified in truth. Thy hand is enlarged with goodness and mercy. O LORD, all my soul desires thee. For what will my soul be without thee? In the morning I look for thee like the rising of the sun. Like the dewdrops on the grass thou shall be excellent in thy glory. Like the lillies of the valleys, thou array with beauty. O LORD, how beautiful is thy soul? My heart is made glad in thy beauty. All of righteousness blossom like sunshine. LORD, thy excellencies are prestine with glory. They are magnified with glory. All thy hope shall abound in truth. The LORD is God and he alone shall reign supreme forever. The LORD is magnified. O Zion, lift up our God. Lift him up. Be not silent. Why mourn in misery? The LORD is our God. The hand of God is with us. Stand up and rise with jubilation. Rejoice with gladness. Hope in the goodness of God; for his mercy endureth forever: even Zion shall feast in it. The LORD is our God and with the lifting up of our hand we shall praise the LORD. For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamb that burneth (Isaiah 62:1). We shall make known in all the land the riches of God. We shall bring forth his beauty with joy. We shall lay down his truth and we shall not depart from it. We shall not weaver; we shall not bend; we shall not bow to corruption. The LORD is our God: in his righteousness we come. We come with one accord, children of Almighty God. We come to deliver his hope, to share the good news of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, that the world may know in him they shall live. In him and only him shall man be freed from the burden of corruption. Because the hands of liberty, our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, were stretched forth on the Cross, we shall rejoice. In the liberty of our God we shall exalt his name. We shall do it until the earth is full of meekness and liberty shall rejoice forever. O LORD, our God, glory be thy name. Glory be thy name in the highest. Thou art truly the blessed hope of the land. We lift up our hands to thee to exalt thee with praises; for we have seen the riches of our God. The joys of many rivers have beseeched us, and the lifting up of your banners. All the hope of the world prevail because of thee.

My God, truly thou art everlasting joy. I am enriched with gladness and delight in thy goodness. You sustain the righteous and the evil. You render them their meat according to thy will. And thy glory abound. Thou art so merciful and full of grace. Truly you are God, and God alone you are. Who is like thee? Even in thy supremacy, thou consider us. O how I love thy compassion and delight in thy ways. The LORD is good. There is none that is good but God. I beseech thee, O LORD, and desire all thy teachings; for they giveth life. The word of God is perfect for my soul. O LORD, how excellent is thy ways? My God, my God, truly thou art forever wonderful. Those who have tasted the riches of thy soul shall thirst for thee. They shall long for thee; for the joys of heaven delight their souls. Day and night they shall long for thee; for their lives depend on thee. And in thy wisdom thy fear shall come upon them. Thy truth shall be embedded in the hearts of those who love you. It shall be engrained with the riches of thy glory. Hope shall abound. Out of righteousness shall it abound. The saints lift up thy name in all the land. They honour you; they obey you; they keep your commandments. Thou shall love the LORD thy God with all thy heart and soul. Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. The law is fulfilled in this; for without love no one shall see the face of God. Without love no one shall enter into the gates of paradise. For God is love; he is righteous, and holy.

We remember thee, O LORD. Thy goodness and mercy are not far from us. Thy salvation covers our souls. And thy mercy and grace crown our souls with gladness. O good Shepherd, shepherd our souls, my LORD. O great One whose delights are glorious, let thy wonders be magnified before the sons of men. O LORD God, thou knowest the end of my days and how much more my hand shall bless thee. Thou knowest the extent of my joy and how I delight in thy ways. Be exalted forever my King. Live forever my God. Thou have considered me in my mother’s womb. In my youth thou have stood by me and kept me. I remember thy hand. O how precious is thy hand? My soul rejoices because of thee. And in my not so tender year thou have not refrained from my presence. I speak of the faithful hand of God; for I have seen the riches of thy hand. Thy beauty rejoices with excellencies. For Jerusalem sake, I shall say: the LORD is my God. All shall live who believe in this God. With all my heart I bless thee, my righteous and loving God. With all my soul I pour out my anointing on thee. With boldness I declare thy truth and proclaim thy prosperity forever. The God that liveth forever shall prosper. The God who is wise and speaketh truth shall reign forever. There shall be no end to the days of the LORD and his glory shall abound for all eternity. O Father, who art in heaven, hallow be thy name. Hallow be the name of the LORD whose light lights up the world. O how precious is the LORD? In all his glory he shall abound. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. The LORD is blessed forever and my heart is jubilant in this matter. The LORD rescued my soul from the pit that I shall declare his truth and proclaim the good news, the gospel of Christ, to the world, with joy and gladness.

O blessed LORD, upon the hill of Zion, all thy glory shall abound. All thy hope shall rise up on High. How excellent shall be thy beauty? How excellent is thy fame and glory? Thy name is held high, above all the stars, the heavens, all men and beast, all that liveth and all that is dead, all that love thee, and all that hate thee. O LORD, how excellent is thy name before me? How excellent is the LORD my God? Thou art full of power and glory. How great thou art, O LORD my God? How tremendous thy glory? Who shall count thy glory and live to see the end of it? Thy glory is an everlasting glory. Make known in all the land the glory of Almighty God. His glory abide in truth. Blessed are thy hand, O LORD. Forever the glory shall bloom and thy riches shall rise up like sunrise. Where the LORD shall dine there shall we find glory. Where men fear his name there shall we find wisdom. Where humility is honored there shall we find meekness.

Righteousness shall flow down the hill with thy beauty and the joys of the LORD shall overflow with gladness. Thy feet shall stand with strength, O Lamb of God. And thy praises shall rise up forevermore. Blessed LORD, thou art God forever. This truth shall live and not die. And I shall rejoice in the name of the LORD my God. His joy shall abound with the hope of ten thousand rivers. With the depths of oceans so shall his glory be. The deep shall rejoice with gladness. Like the heights of the heavens so shall his glory be. The heights shall rejoice with gladness. His greatness shall abide with excellencies. All of perfection shall encroach it. Who is LORD but the God of Israel? Mighty is he in all his ways. Mighty is the hand that saved me. Mighty is the hand that redeemed my soul. His greatness far exceeds all that is the heavens and the earth. The deep seas and the heights of many mountains rejoice in his greatness. I will render to God praises and exalt his name with gladness. To him be the glory, glory everlasting, to behold greatness and power and all of righteousness. The LORD is God! The LORD is mighty, supreme, excellent in glory. His dominion shall prosper. It shall stand up against the viles of corruption. I will say of the LORD, he is God Almighty, everlasting truth and glory. Glory to behold the beauty of excellencies, the LORD is magnified forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, the LORD is blessed. Who will stand against him and yet shall they prosper? Who will say, I am mighty; I am brutish; I am wicked? Who will say, I am defiant against the LORD and I shall not fall? The earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1). He that laid down the foundation laid it down by himself. Who was his helper? Who was his counselor? Who was there in the glory of God? Who have said, Let there be light and light prevail brightly to the ends of the earth? The LORD is God Almighty, all by himself. Who have said, I am God. Before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. I, even I am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour (Isaiah 43:10 & 11). Who have said these things but the mighty God of Israel? I shall stand with the LORD and exalt his name with gladness. Joy shall seep into my bones. Even my marrow shall rejoice with the goodness and greatness of God. Hell shall not prevail against the Church of God… Upon this rock I shall build my Church and hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:18 & 19). The LORD have spoken these things that you may know the magnitude of the glory of God. Lift up your head, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in (Psalm 24:7). The LORD, who is God, shall prosper. The LORD, who is God, shall glory. Make known of his excellencies in all the land. Shout out, O liberty, the hand of God shall rise up with glory. Say to your neighbors, come and see the power and the glory of God. Come and see the hand that laid down truth and it shall stand. It shall stand like a high tower, in Zion. Forever and ever, the glory of God shall abide in this truth. It shall abide. I tell you it shall abide. Blessed be my LORD who laid down the foundation of Zion and it shall stand forever.

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