I am poor of this world yet my riches excel in Christ. For this my heart is made glad and my hope abound in glory. For we shall all dwell in the hope of God, in his riches and glory, ordained before the foundation of the earth, in which Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith. This truth God has bring forth that we may know his love. Our souls are enriched with the love of our Father. It is only because of him we glory. Where will we be without the love of our God? Where will we be without our Christ, our LORD and Savior? But today we hope, not by our own will, but by the will of the Father, the hopeful glory of our God. We hope because the mighty hand of God has come forth with rejoicing. We hope in the love of the Father who give up his only begotten Son that we may live. In his righteousness we hope. In his goodness and mercy we hope. In his abounding grace we hope. We hope in the God that liveth, and in Christ. We hope in the heights of heaven and glory in heavenly things. We hope in a God who surpasses all understanding. We hope in the everlasting mercy of God. Who can understand the mercy and the love of God? For we are indebted with gratitude for a God so merciful. O LORD, our God, because you consider us, not for slaughter, we live. We live only in thy mercy and in thy love. O Father, truly there is none like you. For I have seen your ways and your delights. We are nothing; for in the dust shall we enter and like vanity shall we be gone. What shall be our hope then? But our hope is in you, in your Son, in the Holy Spirit of the living God, that even in death shall we live. O LORD, for this cause our hope shall not fade away. Even in death shall our hope be ordained in strength by the hand of the Almighty God. Because of this we shall rejoice; for the LORD our God has ordained our strength. We shall rise up, O yea. Like Zion shall we shine with a bright light, in the glory of God. Blessed be the hand of God who ordained our strength. Blessed be the LORD God, who ordained life eternal in his righteousness. Blessed be my Father, my Creator, my God. Amen.

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