I will say of the LORD, he is God. I will lift him up in this earth. Upon Zion shall his name be praised. The LORD shall be exalted and his name shall be magnified forever. His blessings shall be exalted on High. Men who love you shall rejoice in your name. Yea, they shall do it; for their hearts’ desire it. With hope shall they cling to you . And with faith shall they call out your name. The LORD is great and his greatness is above all. Men who love you shall rejoice in your name. In your name they shall find pleasure. In thy name they shall find joy. They shall rejoice in thy goodness. Because thy hand bring forth beauty, the earth glory. And in thy midst it delight. Who is this God, so vast in glory? All shall hope in thee, my LORD. The LORD is blessed forever. Even upon the seas his rejoicing shall glory. Everywhere men shall praise him. They shall delight in his soul. Beauty shall abound. It shall abound in glory. Who is like thee, O LORD; for thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory? Who is like the LORD my God? All my hope have come before you. Even my troubles I have bring. For who shall save, lest he be the LORD? Who shall save, lest he be Almighty God? Thou art the God who delights my soul. Because thou have caused me to hope in thy goodness and mercy, I will lift up thy name. The LORD is God and his truth is magnified forever. The light of God prevails against darkness. Even death shall not prevail against the LORD. His will prospers, even now. He prospers; for he shall not lay down in desolation. Truth shall rise up like the Lion of Judah. Yea, with vengeance shall it rise up in the day of the LORD to behold glory without end. The LORD is magnified. O yea, the glory of the LORD shall abound. The LORD shall glory. We shall glory in his midst. I will say that the LORD is God Almighty. Forever and ever his name is blessed.

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