I will trust in the LORD who have kept me and ordained strength from everlasting unto everlasting. Upon the rock I shall stand. Upon his bosom shall I cleave suck. Like a child that cleaves to his mother’s breast so shall I desire my God in times of trouble. The hand of God shall save me. And I will offer praises and the excellent things of my heart shall lift up my God. My LORD shall be exalted. Even my God shall glory. Behold the joys of the LORD, declare my soul. How excellent is the right hand of God? How marvelous are his thoughts towards me? My God will not leave me. Where ever I go, there shall my God find me. This I say to you that you may know the goodness and the faithfulness of God. If you will desire God, he also will desire you. When you call on him he will be there. I tell you the truth. God will not forsake his beloved; for as the heavens are high so also is the glory of God. For this cause I testify to his glory and the saving strength of my God. My God, my God, I cried – come forth with treasures my God. Make way, O LORD, and show me thy beauty. Cause my soul to rejoice and to delight in the faithful hand of my God. O LORD my God, O how I adore you. O how I long to lift up my God and his righteousness. Thou art faithful to me. Even in death shall my God seek me. O LORD, how marvelous is thy ways? I am made like a fool; for I cannot comprehend thy goodness towards me but yet I treasure thee. Thou knowest that my soul rejoices. For I cannot live without you. My days shall grow old and dry like the dust without my God. O Righteousness, my Savior, the comfort of my soul, thou have made my heart to be glad, and to give rest to my soul. I turn to thee, O LORD; for I seek thy mercy. How wonderful is thy grace which thou have bestowed upon me? How wonderful is thy light that comfort my soul? O LORD God, I shall lift thee up. Even from the billows shall the name of my God be exalted. I shall shout and I shall not stop saying that the LORD God Almighty is my God. I shall declare it. With excellencies shall I lift it up. Yea, for Jerusalem sake I shall do it. I shall make glad the Almighty God. Zion shall rejoice in this. I shall testify to the saving hand of my God. Who is this God that saved my soul and redeemed the wicked? Who is this mighty God? Who is this God that my soul calls out to? Who is he that comes, rushing like the wind to save me? From the viles of destruction, the hand of God has lifted me up. I will praise my God; for thou art the LORD of my soul. Yea, my God shall glory. I will say of the LORD, his mercy endureth forever. To behold the joys of heaven so shall it endure. The LORD is blessed from everlasting unto everlasting and my soul rejoices because of it. My soul is redeemed by the mighty God of Israel; forever and ever it shall glory. Blessed be my God, the right hand of God, the strong arm that saved me.

O Father, thou knowest the thoughts of my heart. How excellent are they towards you? My words cannot justify your beauty. But thou, O LORD, will forever be my God. This shall I offer to thee. In your righteousness shall I offer it. In your lovingkindness shall I lay it down before you. O LORD, my tears are falling like rain, yet I am made to rejoice in thee, my God. O Father, behold my God, the treasure of my soul. For this I am glad and the lifting up of your soul, my God. Amen.

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