O LORD, to whom my soul delights and the abounding treasure of my joy, let thy name be praised in all the land. Let thy glory abound in hope, and delight in a multitude of greatness. Let the joys of the heavens be magnified, O LORD. Let them magnify my LORD, in whom my heart delights.

O LORD God, in whom I delight, let thy way be magnified before me and let thy glory abound. Let the hope of the anointed God on High be magnified today. Let my praises to thee excel with beauty. Let the treasures of my soul please thee. For thou art my life and the substance of my being treasure thee. O how faithful is thy mercy that abide in truth? How faithful is the hand of God who I cleave to with all my heart? In thy power and strength, thou shall be rewarded with praises. So great is thy glory and thy hand. Thy right hand is a strong hand. Who is like thee, O LORD? There is none that is great like my God. Make known of his righteousness, ye that love the LORD. The glory of God is upon this earth. And his greatness is known throughout the land. O Father, how great is thy hand? How great is the God that keeps me? Thou art forever the God of gods. For there is only one God that liveth. All others are a desolation, an abomination, a disgrace. But my God will glory. The God of Israel that delights my soul shall glory. All shall praise thee, O LORD, that dwells in hope. Lift up the LORD, the beauty of our lives. Lift up the holy One of Israel. Lift up my God, who is righteous and true. Whose bosom has bring forth hope and salvation, the LORD our God shall glory. O Righteousness, my LORD and my God, behold the Lamb of God and his beauty. Behold the Messiah, my LORD and my God. Behold my King, his kingdom shall dwell in peace. The hope of my God shall abound. So shall it abound with greatness. Power and strength shall lift it up. Who shall seek my God shall seek a good thing. The glory of the LORD will come and it shall abide. For all of righteousness shall rejoice. I will say of the LORD who is God Almighty, all of righteousness shall rejoice. All that hope in the LORD shall be hopeful indeed; for the hand of God is a beautiful hand. Make way; stretch forth thy path; for the LORD is coming. Lay before him treasures of joy and gladness. O mighty is the God who delights our souls. Mighty is the God of Zion, the everlasting God, the true and living God, the only wise God. Mighty is he that laid down the foundation of the earth and it shall stand. The LORD my God declared it. So said it, so it was done. How great is this God that I seek? How high is the heaven and the truth of the living God? My God shall glory. I shall see the end of this, even from everlasting unto everlasting the glory of God shall abide.

O LORD, thou have made my heart desires to flourish before thee. Thou knowest my intentions, all my exaltation to thee I shall enlarge, and magnify my God who is LORD. Him shall I glorify and beautify to the ends of the world. For the goodness of thy soul and the excellent mercy towards me, the LORD shall glory. O LORD God Almighty, in thee shall I hope and seek thy counsel. For all that is in thy hand pleases me. Only the LORD shall treasure without limits and my soul glorify with an abundance of joy. Only him shall I praise with a magnitude of joy. The LORD shall increase. But I shall decrease. O magnify the LORD my God. His greatness and his power and glory are everlasting. Because the LORD of the heavens, the Almighty God of Israel who dwells in righteousness has guarded my soul for all eternity, I shall lift him up in Zion. Beauty shall come from the hand of God. The desires of my God shall prosper. I shall lift up Zion; for it is the dwelling place of the LORD my God. O how beautiful is the hill that the LORD has made to glory? O how beautiful is the LORD who has laid his foundation on the rock? O great God Almighty, who is greater than thee? Who have risen in ignorance and consumed wickedness and yet shall they fall? The LORD shall nullify the works of evil. Yea, I have seen it. I have seen the destruction of evil. Who shall rejoice but the righteous in God? Who shall come forth with treasures of beauty and lift up God? Who shall do it and shall not be ashamed? The right hand of God has ordained strength, holiness, and righteousness. Yea, the truth shall be magnified. The goodness of God shall prevail. O how I love this God Almighty. I shall lift up Zion. I shall lift up my God. Righteousness shall rejoice. I shall praise thee, O LORD, and make mention of thy righteousness, even if thine only. The LORD shall glory and no one shall prevail against him. I have seen beauty. O how beautiful is my God? He protects me and shows me the deeds of the wicked. Because the LORD desires the well being of my soul, I shall praise his blessed name. O land of glory, lift up my God. O Zion, rejoice; for the LORD is our God. Magnify the LORD with me. Say, how great is the LORD who have stretched forth the heavens with understanding? All his wisdom has bring forth understanding. The LORD by wisdom has founded the earth; but by understanding he has established the heavens (Proverbs 3:19).

The LORD is magnified – the earth delights in his soul. He created it; for the mighty hand of God laid it down with truth. Who is wise like this God? O Israel, rejoice in the name of our God. Rejoice, I tell you. Hold back not your rejoicing. Bring it forth with hope and gladness. Triumphant is thy glory before the LORD. Let it rise up with a sweet smell of savour. Shout for joy, O Israel; for the LORD is with thee. Lift up thy banners and display the beauty of God. Lift them up high; for High and mighty is our God. If it had not been the LORD who was on our side when men rose up against us…(Psalm 124:2). But because the LORD is our God we glory. So shall it be: from everlasting unto everlasting, the hand of God shall glory. Blessed be the LORD, from everlasting unto everlasting. Blessed be my God on High. Blessed be the LORD God, the joys of the heavens. Blessed be my God, who forever lives in me.


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