The dead praise not the LORD, neither do any that go down into silence (Psalm 115:17).

Who is man, so brutish, who walk without wisdom, and delight not in my God? Who is he that rise up in the morning and not lift up my God? Shall man sustain himself? Shall he delight in his own soul; who then shall be my God? Shall he know the beginning and the end of his life? Shall he know the depths and the heights of glory? Shall he know who is LORD God Almighty, and yet shall he not lift up the LORD? If a man would live like the dead shall he be rewarded like the living? Today I will say the things of God: the reward of the wicked will go down into the pit. The deeds of the wicked shall follow him and he shall find no glory in the depths of hell. If you will withhold the glory of God and delight not in Zion, he also will withhold the joys of everlasting life. I tell you the truth: many will stand before God in shame. They delight in the ways of wickedness. They honour men and delight in their corruption, but not in my God. All their days are vanity and their thoughts fall into the dust. But my God will be magnified, not by the hand of the wicked, but by the hand of the righteous.

If you will not praise God and lift up the heavens and the magnitude of it, are you living or dead? If the glory of God shall not abound in your hearts and the extolling of God is far from your thoughts, what shall be your end? If the joys of the LORD shall not come forth with righteousness and abound with truth, what shall it profit you? What shall it profit the dead who walk on this earth without purpose? It shall profit them nothing; for all their days shall end in sorrows. I tell you the truth. The day will come when every man will be judged according to the deeds of his heart. Those who say they love God and they do not shall perish. All their lies shall come forth and there shall be no rejoicing. If you love God you shall do his will. Your soul shall delight to praise him. You shall love the LORD with all thy heart and soul and might. With pleasure you shall delight in the LORD. Magnify the LORD, all my soul, and all that is within me. Delight in the LORD. O Righteous, my God, blessed be thy name, O God. Delight in the LORD, you that love the LORD. Lift him up in his salvation. Exalt him with gladness and let the joys of the heavens abound with grace. Bless the LORD and anoint him with an abundance of joy; for he is the LORD our God.

The word of God is true. Even unto death shall it be true. The dead shall not praise the LORD. You say you are living but you will not offer praises to my God. But I say to you, the dead knows not that he is dead, lest God has opened his eyes to his truth. For how can a man say he sees yet he walks in the dark? Shall he not stumble or even fall into the abyss? The rejoicing of the dead is vanity unto vanity. All is vanity, saith the LORD. But he that seek to praise the name of the LORD shall not walk in vanity. He that seek to praise the name of the LORD shall not walk in darkness. In the light shall he glory. He shall lift up Righteousness while he lives. The name of the LORD shall be praised. Even Zion shall he call out and say, the LORD who is God alone shall glory. Upon the hill shall he be praised. We shall lift up our hands with rejoicing and praise the LORD. Our hope shall be hopeful indeed. We shall remember the goodness and mercy of God. O how his mercy endureth forever. And we shall say, O liberty, O faithful God of honour, O Righteousness, my God, thou art forever exalted on High. Thou art forever magnified greatly. Thou art forever praised. In all the land thy name is excellent before the sons of men. O Father, my God, truly my God liveth forever. Praise the LORD, all my soul, and all that is within me. O Father, I give you praise and honour; for thy hand is a beautiful hand.


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