O Father, I have seen thy hand, even in the midst of the heathen. How wonderful is my God and his glory? The light that shines upon me cannot be dimmed. Because the LORD treasures my soul, so shall I prosper all the days of my life. And the joys of heaven shall seek my soul. O LORD, cause my soul to be liberated from the virtues of this world, and the claws of vanity. Stir me to the pearly gates of heaven and of righteousness. Thou have opened my eyes to know the vultures of my soul, and those who bring corruption. Their crockedness is not hidden, nor are their lies made to glory. O how vain is their thoughts? O faithful God, men are full of lies and their hearts are desperately wicked; who shall know their end, O LORD? The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)? My God, shall a man deceive thee and call himself wise? How foolish is the thoughts of the wicked? All their days shall end with sorrows. But mercy shall comfort the soul of the just. The meek shall inherit the earth. And he that honours God him shall God honour.

LORD my God, I have seen thy wisdom, even thy truth. And the depths of it is hidden from the wise, more so the wicked. But thou see all things and knowest all things, even the hidden things of the heart. But I am not wise in my foolishness, O God. Make me to know all those who come to trample on my soul, to proclaim thy truth, even with deceitful hearts. But I will seek thy grace, O God, to know the end of thy glory. Thy grace is sufficient. O LORD, my God, how I treasure thy wisdom. All thy truth I seek for a shield to my soul. And in the evil day I run to thee. I remember your words, O God. The snare of the fowler shall not prevail. All their ways shall fall into the dust. All their thoughts shall vanish into misery. For thou art a faithful God who attend to my cause. Thou favour me, even when my enemies despise me. I shall praise thee, O LORD, the God of my inheritance. Thy glory shall be magnified and the righteous shall rejoice before thee. Thou know that my soul thirst for thee. Even my bones desire thee. My marrow rejoices in your goodness and mercy. All thy lovingkindness has beseeched me. I am made to seek thy wisdom and thy fear has come upon me. My bowels rejoice in thy truth; they spring out rivers of living water. How excellent is thy ways, O LORD? How delightful is thy soul? More precious than gold are thy wisdom. All shall seek thy counsel and prosper. I delight in thee, O LORD, and extol thee in thy glory. All thy fame shall be excellent before thee. All thy beauty shall blossom with joy. O LORD, my joy, be exalted on High. Be anointed with gladness. Let the joys of my soul comfort thee, O LORD. Like ten thousand stars let my love shine upon thee. O Father, let the delights of my God be magnified forever. And I will praise thee, day and night, even from everlasting unto everlasting; for thou art worthy to be praised. Thou art worthy to be exalted on High. And all that rejoices in thy praises shall sing songs of gladness. O yea, they shall sing thy praises forevermore. The LORD shall delight in those that love him. Blessed be my God who is forever wise. Blessed be my God who shall glory, and whose Kingdom shall stand from everlasting unto everlasting.

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