O ye land of glory and everlasting wonders, praise ye the LORD. Lift him up; for the joys of a thousand rivers rejoice in his hope. How many mountains stand tall because the LORD has declared it? O LORD my God, who abound in glory and hope, be magnified without measure. In all the land, be exalted. Let thy name be praised forever. Because thou favour me in righteousness and thy goodness and mercy encroached my soul, with bountiful blessings I shall comfort thee. I shall delight thy soul with gladness; O LORD, thou knowest. I shall crown thy soul with gladness and the joys of the heavens shall beseech thee. My God, the protector of my soul and all that is within me, thy glory is an everlasting glory. All that hope shall hope in thee. All that live shall live because of thee. All that glory shall glory because of thee. Thou art the God of the heavens and the delight of our souls. The LORD is blessed forever and his name shall reign with a magnitude of joy. O ye that liveth, lift up thy hands and rejoice in the LORD. Bring forth treasures of gladness before him. Say to the LORD, thou art blessed from everlasting unto everlasting.

Because the LORD glory my heart rejoices with gladness. I have seen the hand of God; O how he adores me. O how he shows me the will of my enemies and the defeat of their souls. Who shall rise up against the anointed, against the hand of God, and yet shall they glory? Shall vanity prosper before God? Shall the dead say he is alive? I shall lift up God and all that is vain shall fall to the dust. All that is vain shall go down in the pit. This shall be their honour. This shall be their joy. This shall be their glory and their wickedness shall cease. So let it be done.

Who shall stand with the LORD but him that do right? The soul of the LORD hates the wicked. But he loves righteousness. His countenance do behold the upright. I will say of the LORD, he is my God. He is my rock and my shield upon the hill of Zion. He is the Almighty God who delights in my soul and lifts me up in his glory. Because I delight in the LORD, those who rise up against me shall be cloaked with confusion. Desolation shall beseech them. Dishonor shall be their comfort. Death shall be their glory. Because they desire wickedness, they shall fall and not rise up. If a man do right, let him praise the LORD. Let him bless my God on High. Let him say that there is only one God, the true and living God of Israel. Let him say that the LORD who delights in my soul is a good God. The God who holds my hand and cause the sick to rejoice is my God. I tell you the truth, the wisdom and the fear of God have beseech me. If a man do right, let him repent of his wickedness and depart from the sorrows of hell. If a man desires honour and glory, let him magnify the LORD who is God. If he desires virtues, let him seek my God, the living God. Let him stand up with boldness and declare the works of God. Let him say, who is worthy to be praised but he that is mighty and High? The LORD is worthy to be praised. Blessed be the God on High, my God, who delights in my soul.

O Father, I thank you. I treasure you, O LORD God Almighty. For all of eternity let thy name be blessed. Amen.

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