Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God (Psalm 42:11).

The God of many rivers is still God, even in the day of disappointment, when the billows of many water cover thee. When the dawn of sunshine seems dark and there is no joy in your soul, seek the comfort of the LORD. Call on him. Call on the mighty God who saves. The hand of God is not weak, nor shall it go weary. I have seen what faith can do and the magnitude of it is in the glory of God. Lift up this God. Even in the depths of hell lift up this God. Stand out, make known of his glory. Say to thy soul, why mourn in misery when the LORD is your God? Shall my soul not seek the rock, the saving strength of my soul? O LORD, in all thy strength, in thy goodness and mercy, in thy faithfulness which is very High, in thy glory, everlasting unto everlasting, I call on thee in this hour of need. I seek thy face; for thou art my only hope. Some have put their truth in chariot and horses. But I put my trust in thee, O LORD. Awake, O LORD, to the plead of my heart and make thyself approved to my soul. Make my soul to rejoice by thy hand. All my hope is in the LORD. The wicked have said where is thy God, even my friends have gone weary. Disappoint them, O LORD. Prove them wrong in thy righteousness. Let the upright glory. Let them rejoice in thy goodness and mercy. With thy lovingkindness comfort them, my God. For all their days are full with mourning and their nights are laden with tears. Their pillows soak with water like many rivers. But thou have not gone astray, nor gone too far, O LORD. Thou will not hide thy face in this time of need. O LORD, my soul knows fully well thy saving strength. All thy salvation has cloak me with the joys of many sunshine. Restore the hope of thy liberty, my God. Let it be that the hand of my God is forever beautiful in my eyes. O LORD, thou knowest that even in the time of death thy name shall be praised. For the LORD who kills also maketh alive. Thy confidence has gripped my soul. All my bowels are engulfed with rivers of living water. All my soul rejoices in this truth. The mighty hand of God is upon me. My glory shall not be vain. The billows have fallen. The mighty man is laid in the dust. The saving strength of the LORD has risen like a high tower. O LORD, my Glory, magnify Zion. Let Israel rejoice in thy goodness, O LORD. Let Israel rejoice. For if Israel shall not rejoice what shall be our end? The LORD, who is God of Israel, our God, shall save us. Blessed be the mighty name of God, forever and ever. Amen and Amen.

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