I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise thee for ever and ever (Psalm 45:17).

I shall publish thy work and thy righteousness shall stand with it. All of liberty shall glory, O LORD. All of liberty shall rejoice with hope. With the joys of liberty shall they stretch forth thy hands and praise thee. With joy shall thy truth be proclaimed in all the land. It is my heart’s intention to lay down thy truth before the sons of men, to declare thy going, to bring forth thy terrible righteousness, and to proclaim thy name in all the land of the great and mighty God. That thy name shall be well established, that thy glory shall abound in truth, and all shall remember the name of the LORD my God. All shall remember thee, O LORD. My heart is made known of this truth and my soul rejoices, evermore. Jubilant shall be my LORD, who have lifted me up from the pit and deny my enemies joy, who have washed my feet from the miry clay, and anointed my head with oil. I will lift thee up on High, great God. Thou know that I will do it. I am not afraid of the wicked; for thy Spirit within me is not one of fear. But thy glory shall abound – thy name shall be magnified. In all the land the LORD shall be exalted. O LORD, thou knowest my intentions and the matters of my heart. I am an open book to you. I am known of you, my beginning and my end, and thy rejoicing. Thou know that I will do it. With thy strength, O LORD, shall I rise up with vigor. With thy glory shall I abound in faith. In thy confidence shall I rejoice. With thy hope shall I lift up RIGHTEOUSNESS. O Father, truly thou art my God. With the joys that thou have laid upon my heart shall I bring forth gladness. The glory of God shall be magnified in all the land. I have been made known to the things of God. Because the LORD has put this into my heart, so shall it be. The words of God shall not fall to the ground. They shall not return void. Like precious treasures shall his words be preserved. With eternal life shall they abide. As long as the LORD liveth so shall his words. The LORD liveth forever!

I seek thee, O LORD; for I know that thy glory will come and thy truth shall abound. It shall abide forever. The hand of God shall rise up – the strong arm of God shall be lifted up. With saving strength shall his right hand bring forth salvation. With this strength shall his anointed be saved. The terrible things in righteousness shall deliver them from corruption. Who is this God? Who is this mighty God of Zion? The mighty God of Israel has redeemed our souls. With righteousness has he blotted out our spots and blemishes. O LORD God of glory and everlasting truth, be exalted on High. Be magnified, O God, in thy beauty. Rejoice my faithful God. Rejoice my love. Let thy soul rejoice forever. Let thy heart be filled with gladness. The delights of the LORD are magnified forever. In all the land men shall fear the LORD and offer thanksgiving without ceasing. For who is worthy, except he be the true and living God, the everlasting God of glory? My hands are stretched forth in thy honour and thy truth I have bring before you. So excellent is thy praises, O LORD. My soul rejoices with gladness. Because I delight in all his ways, seek his face and make known of his beauty, the LORD favors me. His beauty has graced my soul and I desire it for life. Let the LORD be magnified in this truth. Even my blessings shall magnify the LORD. Fruitful shall be my hand and the lifting up of my God. The heaven rejoices and the earth dance with joy. The hand of God shall prosper. Prosperity delights his soul. Blessed be my God. Forever and ever, the LORD liveth.

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