O LORD, make my soul to rejoice in thee. Magnify your beauty. Let everything that proceed out of my mouth magnify you. With the joys of heaven so shall it be. O my soul and all that is within me, magnify the LORD. O Father, let the joy of a thousand rivers fall on thee and the rejoicing of ten thousand mountains beseech thee. O LORD, to whom I glory and delight, receive my anointing with gladness. Overflow with blessings, O mighty One. Rejoice my LORD; rejoice. Rejoice with gladness, my blessed God. My heart rejoices and my soul is jubilant in thee, O LORD. How many sunshine you have brought before me? How many joys have filled my soul? Shall I not testify to your glory? Thou knowest that I will not withhold your glory. My bones shall grieve, lest I praise thee; thou knowest this truth. I am created with thy delights, so shall thy joy abound. Father, I honour you and praise you with boldness. If I boast, let me boast in you; for thou art forever magnify with beauty. Thou art forever magnify with truth. O, so vast is thy beauty: who can understand it? Thou art forever my beauty. My darling, thou art forever my love. My heart is comforted in this saying, my love delights in me and I delight in him. O how wonderful is my soul which you have redeemed? And how precious is thy salvation and the glory of thy saving hand? Because you have lifted me up from the depths of hell, so shall I lift you up to the ends of the earth and magnify your beauty before the sons of man. Glory shall abound, O mighty God. Glory shall abound in all the land. Because you are my God who shew me mercy in my hour of need and your love comforted my hopeless soul and cause me to prosper in your grace, so shall it abound. The LORD shall be exalted without measure. With a magnitude of joy I shall cloak your soul, my God. My LORD, thou have been good to me and I extend my gratitude to thee. O how tremendous is my thanksgiving, thou knowest my heart. O how tremendous is my joy. All my soul is grateful. All my joy excel like eagles. And this truth will not pass away. For all of eternity, my praises shall not fade away. My rejoicing shall excel with the joys of heaven. O how I delight in the LORD. O how I love you, my God. Day and night you have made me to joy. You will not forget my name. My God liveth and so shall my name live. [I tell you no lie]. This is true in my God’s heart. I shall hold on to you for dear life. I will not let you go. You know I tell you the truth; for you have cloaked my soul with it. And my rejoicing shall not end. Before the beginning, this truth was established. If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there. If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me (Psalm 139:8 & 9). If I shall flee to the depths of hell, there shall you find me and comfort me. Where ever shall I go there shall my God be. The depths and the heights of his glory shall follow me. This is my God, forever. This is my joy for all eternity. The LORD is blessed forever. The LORD liveth forever and my soul rejoices with gladness. Ahmein.


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