Delightful LORD, make my soul and the joys of the heavens to praise thee, O LORD. Stretch forth his righteousness and let his truth stand up. Like a high tower, let it rise up with glory. Magnify the LORD with me and let every hope of the living God be hopeful indeed. Let every joy abound in truth. Let every joy rejoice with gladness. The LORD, who is God, is magnified forever. Lift up beauty. In all the land lift up beauty! Treasure his soul and comfort him with praises. Deck him with glory. Power and strength shall be his cloak. The joys of the saints shall be his crown. Our King shall rejoice in his greatness. With honour shall he rejoice. With the dawn of sunshine shall he be blessed. The LORD is great. Truly, the LORD is great. The joys of many sunshine shall dwell in the gates of righteousness. Bring forth thy treasures. Make glad the heavens with thy rejoicing. O LORD of righteousness and hope, rejoice my God. Rejoice; for thy hand has laid upon my soul thy goodness. All thy mercies have come upon me. Thy truth has entered my heart, even my marrow, and my bones rejoice in thy truth. O LORD, behold my joy. So bountiful is thy grace. So bountiful is thy righteousness, O LORD. The LORD of righteousness shall dwell in peace and the joys of heaven shall beseech him. I give thee thanks, O LORD; for thou art wonderful towards me. Thou have enlighten me that I shall sing praises of rejoicing to thee. Thou have enriched my soul with thy treasures that I shall lift up thy name in all the land. The LORD is great. All his ways shall prosper. I have seen his goodness. His beauty of holiness shall abide. My soul loves thee, O LORD, more than the joys of the sunshine. The days shall come but the redeemer of my soul, my God, shall not leave. He maketh my way to rejoice, and my soul to be filled with the fatness of gladness. I delight in thee, O LORD; thou knowest this truth. All my bones thirst for thee like dry land thirst for water. Thou art my saving strength and my truth, my rock of all ages. Even from the beginning the LORD considers me. I am embedded in thy mercy and thy grace. Who shall stand before thee, O LORD, and glory, lest he loves the LORD, lest he obey the will of God, lest he delights in thy soul and rejoices with gladness? O LORD, God Almighty, I shall lift thee up with all my strength. In thy wisdom shall I fear thee. In thy truth shall I rejoice in thy name. In thy power shall I stand without fear before the sons of men that thy glory shall abide in truth.

I remembered that day, O LORD, when glory came and it abode in thy grace and in thy saving strength, when you rise up for the humble against the mighty man. [O Father, thou art God forever]. When the wicked tried to trample me, the LORD came to my rescue. Even then I have seen the faithful of my God. Shall my God not have his glory? Who is man who shall try to take away the glory of God? Who is man who shall stand up against the truth of the living God? The LORD giveth me truth that I shall stand up and defend his honour. Surely the hand of God was upon me. I knew not the word of God then but my God giveth me truth that my soul shall rejoice. Shall a man fight God and win? Who is this God of Israel who will come to my aid? Who is this joy of my soul who will not leave me? O LORD God, I praise thee with all my heart. With gladness I praise thee. All my soul rejoices in thee. All my being delights in thee. For thy goodness I shall be excellent in my praises. O how sweet shall my joy be to thee, O LORD? Sweeter than honey shall my joy be. Zion shall rise up with glory. O Father, how much joy shall my soul take? The depths of thy hand shall enlarge my soul. Truth shall stand on the rock and rejoice. The mercy of God is with me and his favour has encroached my soul. O the joys of my soul shall lift up my God. In all the land his precious name shall be exalted. With all my might I shall lift up his name. Even to the heaven shall I glory in the LORD. My God shall be exalted by the weak and the strong, by the poor and the rich, by the meek and the pure in heart. The peacemaker shall make peace and he shall say, who is God but our LORD? Let us praise his name on High. Let us rejoice with gladness in the name of the LORD. Lift up my God. All that liveth, rejoice in the wonderful name of the LORD. Lift up your hands with praises. Lift them up high. Like a mighty man and with strength, lift them up and praise the name of the LORD.

O LORD my God, thou have done well for thy servant this day. In all the land the grace of God abideth in truth. The goodness and mercy of God is everywhere. The sick is healed. The weeping shall find joy. The sorrowful shall rejoice. The name of the LORD is magnified in this truth. Blessed be my God who hears the voice of his servant. Yea, blessed be my God who delights in me. O LORD God, thou art forever magnified and the joys of heaven rejoice in thy name.


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