I will sing unto the LORD, praises, new songs of triumphant and jubilation. Everywhere there shall be gladness and the songs of heaven shall not end. Beauty shall rejoice. O rejoice in the name of the LORD. I will make a joyful noise unto the LORD and let the joys of heaven be magnified. The LORD is blessed forever and my soul shall bring forth his rejoicing with righteousness. Glory shall abound. All of his glory shall abound. The depths of my joy shall not be reached. The heights of my glory shall not be found. The magnitude of my blessings shall not be measured. Eternally joyful shall be my soul and so also the glory of God. Who knowest the beginning of this glory, except he be magnified with truth, except he be magnified with glory, except he be God? O LORD, my soul has laid down thy truth, like a high tower shall it stand. Who shall seek to know the depths of thy glory? Who shall desire it? The things of heaven are high and thy wisdom is unlike the earth’s. O Glory, of infinite wisdom and understanding, who knowest the depths of thy soul?

With joy shall I sing praises of thanksgiving. Like a thousand rivers shall the joys of the heavens be magnified. The LORD is great and his beauty is truly beautiful. From the sweetness of my heart, from the depths of my soul, I shall bring forth thy treasures. With rejoicing, shall I bring forth thy hope. From the marrow of my bones this truth shall rejoice. All my hope shall lift up glory. On the wings of eagles, they shall fly. I tell you the truth: the LORD my God is magnified. I shall not be moved. I shall stand in the liberty of Christ and my soul shall rejoice in the LORD. All the foundation of the earth knowest this truth. Glory shall be glory. The LORD, who is my God, shall prosper. All his glory shall be lifted up with strength. On the wings of eagles shall they be lifted up. The joys of heaven shall burst out with rejoicing. This is my God: delight in his soul. All his righteousness is magnified in truth. With stretch forth hands we shall praise the LORD. With jubilation we shall shout with joy. The LORD is magnified and his name is exalted in this truth. Let glory abide and abound with heavenly joy. Let the hope of righteousness be hopeful indeed. O how good it is to love the LORD. What joy has filled my soul? All the joys of my bowels flow with rivers of living water. In my counsel I am made known of his glory. The LORD is my God and my soul knows fully well the hand of God is upon me. He favors me. He delights in me; for he has made my soul to rejoice, even in the midst of the heathen. All my fear and my wisdom is the LORD’S.

O LORD of righteousness and hope, truly thou art marvelous. Like a stream that rejoices with a rushing glory, like a well that never runs dry, so shall I run to thee, O LORD, to praise thee. With eternal praises, so shall thy glory be. Like the day that hope on sunshine, with the hopes to see thy glory, so shall the LORD be magnified in all the land. Where there is beauty, there shall my God be. Where there is hope, there shall he dwell. Where there is meekness, there shall my God delight. Where there is truth, there shall you find the joys of the LORD. Where there is truth, there shall he stand. Where there is light, there shall you find no darkness. O Father, why lay all thy treasures upon my soul? The joys of many rivers shall beseech thee, O LORD. And the heights of the heavens shall rejoice in thy name. All thy beauty shall excel with excellencies. All thy wonders shall amaze in glory. The LORD my God shall delight in glory. All his works shall prosper before him. I shall lift up my God on High. O heaven, make glad the God of glory. Delight in the LORD; He sustains you. Look at your joy. Look at your glory and praise the LORD. Say to the earth, jump for joy. Be not still; but jump with joy and praise the LORD. Stretch forth thy hands and make a joyful noise unto the LORD. All that liveth, rejoice in the name of the LORD. Hold back not thy glory. Bring forth all that is good before the LORD. Bring all thy treasures before him. Say to the LORD, O wonderful LORD, all thy treasures are fruitful; all thy glory shall abide; all thy glory is everlasting unto everlasting. The LORD is blessed forever. The LORD liveth forever. And who delights in the LORD delights in a good thing. Marvelous is the LORD. Marvelous is the hand that created you. Marvelous is the hand that redeemed you soul from destruction. O Father, blessed be thy name for ever. O Jesus, my LORD, thou art truly wonderful.


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