O LORD, make haste to comfort the soul of thy servant. Bring down the heavens and show thyself approved. For what good is a man if the LORD delights not in him? O LORD, bring pleasantries at my feet and the joys of heaven at my door. Cause my soul to rejoice. Say to thy servant, O faithful servant, who delights in me, rejoice. Rejoice; for it is written of you in the Book of Life. And I shall say to thee, my LORD, all my soul glory in thy name. Like sunshine, I wait on thee. Like dewdrops on the grass, I long for thee. My God, what good is my life lest you comfort my soul? What rejoicing shall I rejoice lest the heavens know my name? What praises shall I give thee if I am not in thy righteousness? My God, all the day I long for thee. You have made my path to prosper. I delight in thy presence and the smell of righteousness is a joy to my soul. Who is this God of Israel who comes to me? I do not understand it. For thou art the everlasting God, the great and mighty God, who created the heavens and the earth, and all therein. O beauty, the joys of many rivers delight my soul. For this shall I say to thee, O LORD, be magnified in thy beauty. Let thy glory abound without measure. Let hope jump for joy and praise the LORD. Rejoice my LORD; for this day which the LORD has made is great. Let all my bowels bring forth rivers of living water and delight in thy soul. Let my rejoicing be eternal and thy praises shall not end. Put your joy in my heart and cause my soul to delight in thee and I shall lift up RIGHTEOUSNESS to the ends of the earth. You have created me and you know me. Even in my mother’s womb, thou knowest the end of my days. All the joys of the heaven thou knowest. And my praises that delight in you were not hidden from you. Shall the hand of God not know his glory? Shall he not know his praises and the magnitude of it? Shall he not rejoice by the hands of his servants? For today I say to the servants of God who delight in him, lift up the LORD my God. Lift him up on High. Lift him up with all thy soul. Lift him up and rejoice. For this day which the LORD has made is a blessed day. Let sunshine reign with joy. And let the rain of the heaven bless the land which the LORD giveth thee. Let all that is God’s delight in his beauty. Let the wonders of God be magnified before your eyes. And let thy soul be glad that he is our God. Let it sing songs of jubilation in the morning, with praises to the most High God. Let it delight in the hand that created you. All the days of your life magnify the LORD. Be glad to praise his blessed name.

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