Why withhold thy praises and slightly esteem the Rock of thy salvation? Have you forgotten the saving strength of our God? The LORD, to whom I seek, and to whom all my bowels shall rejoice, shall be exalted on High. His glory shall not be withheld. And he shall be esteemed without measure. Let the God of hope and of glory and everlasting mercy rejoice. Let my LORD be magnified. My redeemer, my salvation, the joy of my soul, the sweetness in my bitterness, to whom glory shall abound to the ends of the earth, be exalted on High, my LORD.

Exalt the LORD with gladness and with joy. Bring all thy treasures of salvation and of lovingkindness. Sing praises to God, who redeemed thy soul from corruption, who considered thee in the day of trouble, and have shown his face to thee. He has kept you on High and he has poured his love upon you. Like honey he has made thy heart to be sweet, and thy soul to rejoice.

Do not be hasty to depart from the LORD. Wait for the LORD. Wait to see his beauty, and for the joys of heaven to befall thee. If the LORD shall show you his beauty you shall know that it is well with you. I have grown accustomed to the wonders of God. This God has shown me marvelous things that I may know that he is marvelous. This God of Israel has given me reason to love and to hope, to live and to rejoice, and to proclaim his liberty without shame. This God has given me reason to look up to the heavens and seek his face, to sing songs of melody and praises, to stretch forth my hands with jubilation. And to say to my God, thou art exalted with gladness. Beyond measure shall thy praises be extol. In all the land the name of God is magnified. The name of God is blessed forever. Who is like thee, O LORD? Who is worthy to be praised but thee? There is none who is like my God. There is none who can stand before me and say, my God is not faithful. For I have seen his faithfulness and his loveingkindness he has not hidden from me. That I stand in the glory of God before you, in the truth of Zion and of righteousness, to bring gladness where there is none, and joy where there is sorrow. Hope shall abide in this truth and the word of God shall be magnified. Today glory shall rise up and say, behold the joys of heaven have beseech thee. I shall not run but walk with God, that you shall know that it is he who have sent me. I will glory in the LORD, in trials and in joy. In the day and in the night, my God shall be my God. When others are weary to praise this God, I shall stand up with vigor and strength and say: the LORD is worthy to be praised. I have done it and will do it again. I shall bless him and anoint him with the joys of my soul, which he has redeemed from the hands of the devil. I shall testify to his glory and to his saving strength and salvation. The deeds of my God shall not go unnoticed. His mercy and his grace shall not be pushed aside. Truth shall stand up. Zion shall rejoice. The LORD is magnified for ever. The LORD shall not weary nor burden me. I shall cling to him and seek his face. With joy shall I desire the things of God. With hope shall I call out his name. With faith shall I be rewarded with his goodness. I shall detest the evil, the corruption, the wickedness of men. And I shall stand alone, if need be, against all others, who detest the righteousness of God and have not come to the knowledge of truth. When they detest the ways of God and say, my God will not kill the wicked – I shall stand up in his glory and say to them, do you not know my God? See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand. [Blessed be the hand of God, in whom I delight]. For I will lift up my hand to heaven and say, I live for ever. If I whet my glittering sword, and my hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to my enemies, will reward them that hate me. [ And believe me he is not talking about mercy nor grace as the wicked would like to believe]. I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh… (Deuteronomy 32:39 – 43). This God, to whom I adore, his mercy endureth forever to those who love him. Eat the wisdom of God and live. Do not be misled by the wisdom of fools. The faithfulness of God is with his servants. Stand in the liberty of truth, the God on High, that you may know the things of God.

The wicked anger God and then they say, his grace is sufficient. But I say to you the grace of God is sufficient for the righteous and not for the wicked. When an evil man dies, what shall the grace of God benifit him? Shall his death glory? Shall wickedness rise up in joy? Where is Righteousness? Where is Zion, I ask all of you? Is it not the dwelling place of the LORD? The word of God is true to the wise. But to the foolish, who can understand it? The grace of God will never be sufficient for the hand of evil, who died in sin and corruption, who have called the joys of heaven a joke, and trampled on the deeds of my God. Behold I come in the grace of God and liberty, in the foundation of truth, to lay before men the things of God, of salvation, and of everlasting joy. If anyone desires wisdom and knowledge, desire God. Seek his understanding that you may live to see the glory of God. The God of judgment shall not come with grace to the wicked. [They shall seek it then but not find it]. But vengeance shall it be, saith the LORD. Make straight thy way. Call not evil good and good evil. But depart from all wickedness, that the grace of God shall seek thy soul. The anguish of the LORD shall not banish, lest his truth shall stir up his anger and vengeance upon the wicked. I come in the name of the LORD and in his glory. Behold the LORD, who is truth. Behold my God – that should you heed to this God, who is merciful and just, you shall live.

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