All the ways of my God shall glory. Righteousness shall hope in joy. Truth shall abound; every word of the living God shall be excellent. The magnitude of God delights in glory. All his excellency and his beauty shall abide in truth. Like the river of Jordan so shall the joys of the LORD be magnified. As the red sea which he parted so shall his strength be. His supremacy shall reign against all men, even the brutish. Crocked men shall look and wonder, who is this God of Israel? Who is this God who trampled on darkness and devoured the deeds of the oppressors?

Like marrow shall my bones rejoice. The goodness of God is excellent before me. The joys of heaven delight in me. It beseeches me for all of eternity. The LORD will be blessed by my hand. So said it so shall it be done. Let the joys of the LORD reign. In my house the joys of the LORD are excellent. The delights of the LORD shall be praised. In my house we shall praise the God of everlasting truth. Yea, I shall make known his riches and all of his righteousness. For my heart delights in the goodness of God. My soul is filled with his treasures. O how wonderful is the LORD? The awesomeness of God has beseeched me. The heavenly things of God are not far from me. My glory, my joy, my darling, shall rise up with vigor and strength and proclaim liberty in all the world. And liberty shall rejoice with gladness and with the joys of the LORD. All who is free shall be free indeed; for the hand of the LORD, my Christ and my God, is a hand of freedom and joy. Rejoice, O children of liberty; rejoice with gladness. Make known to all the children of the land that Jesus Christ is our God. Make known I tell you – the message of hope has filled my soul with joy and I cannot contain its gladness. Let us rejoice in the fullness of God and in all his might let us praise his name.

There is only one God who is wise, the eternal and everlasting God. Behold the God on High, my God. Behold the joys of heaven and its gates of righteousness. Behold glory, the Almighty God. All his truth shall abide. All his hope shall glory. All his destiny shall prosper. O how faithful is the mouth of God, who ordained righteousness and it stands? He has spoken the joys of everlasting and they stand. From everlasting unto everlasting, the glory of God shall abide. Who is this God of Israel? Who is this Almighty God, in whom I delight? O Father, I behold thy beauty and treasure thy soul. Like a warrior I shall stand up and praise thee. In all thy power and strength, the LORD is magnified. The doors of heaven shall delight in the praises of God. They shall make haste to honor him. Glory on High, the beauty of holiness, the Creator of all things, in the heavens and in the earth, in the deep and in the heights, where the wisdom of man cannot perceive, where the greatness of God abide with the delights of his hand, and his beauty and authority reverence above all others, shall rejoice.

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