As I awake I shall praise the LORD. I shall make haste to deliver thy glory, O Father. Like lighting and thunder, I shall be bold to praise thy name, O God. That the ends of the earth shall know of thy glory. All thy hope I shall carry in my bosom. My soul shall delight in the LORD. All thy hope shall abound and thy truth shall dance with joy. All thy sunshine shall be magnified and thy glory shall array with beauty. O magnify the LORD with me. Let us lift up his name together, in the goodness of God. Let us lift up Glory and declare terrible things in righteousness. Let us say to the LORD, thou art forever terrible in thy praises and in thy righteousness. The LORD has shown us mighty wonders. He has made glad the souls of his beloved. All his fame and his beauty we shall declare. Before the sons of men we shall say, the LORD is great. His hand is a blessed hand. His glory abound in all the land. In the heavens is a magnitude of joy. O, the greatness of God is marvelous. Everywhere is his excellencies. Let all my soul delight in the LORD. Let the fabric of my being rejoice with praises.

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