O people, that desire life, reverence my God. Delight in the LORD; for he alone is God. Stretch for thy hands with thanksgiving. Make mention of the name of the LORD in all the land. Speak his truth, one to another. Glorify my God. Day and night lift him up with rejoicing. How precious is the LORD? His lovingkindness reaches the heavens. Is not this world his? The world is his and the fullness thereof.

Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High. And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me (Psalm 50:14 & 15).

If you are not glorifying God are you delivered by the hand of God? Hold not thy peace but speak truth; for my God is with me. Every word that cometh from the mouth of God is truth. The word of God is truth and his faithfulness, who can measure it? Let everyone in the wisdom of God, fear our God with rejoicing. Let them not keep still; for the day will come when their stillness shall not reward them with the pleasantries of God. Lift up your hands with jubilation. Be not weary to praise the LORD. But delight in the soul of the LORD and rejoice. O faithful servants of God, rejoice. For today is a day of rejoicing, which the LORD has made. Stand up with vigor and strength; the glory of heaven is very High. Say to the LORD, thou art great and mighty, O LORD. Behold the everlasting God of righteousness. Behold my glory and my hope. Behold the Lion of Judah. Behold my God. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting, my God. Thou art my sunshine that blossom with glory. Thou art the only living God. Who is wise but thee, O LORD? Thou art the only God that giveth life and have bring forth salvation to free the world. There is none like our God. Only him shall glory. Only him shall delight. Only him shall be exalted. Only him shall be magnified forever. All other are desolation, waiting to go down into the pit. All others are vain, to be crowned with vanity. All others are hopeless and liars and thieves. Destruction is in their path. But my LORD speaks truth. Hope is in his bosom. He is the good Shepherd who come to give life, and give it more abundantly. The crown of righteousness and truth and everlasting glory shall cloak my God.

The LORD is good. All my soul knows the goodness of God. All my marrow rejoices in his lovingkindness. Every fabric of my soul is wrapped with his truth. The LORD is my God. My tongue shall speak his truth forever. Who is this God that delights in his servant? Who is this mighty God that will not leave? When I call out to my God he is there. My voice will not burden my God. I shall lift up Glory on High; the LORD my God will be magnified. Today the heavens shall rejoice. In all the land Jesus Christ shall glory. O faithful and loving God, thou art forever and ever beautiful. Thou art forever and ever my darling, the joy of my soul. The glory of the LORD is upon a thousand hills. Who knows the steps of the LORD and his glory that abides? As the wind blows so shall the Spirit move. Delight in the Spirit of God. Delight in the Holy Spirit, ye that love the LORD. Speak truth to his people. With his understanding shall you lift up this God. Man understand the things of man. But he that understands the things of God shall glorify God. I tell you the truth – many do not know this God of Israel. Many have not come to the wisdom and knowledge of truth. And who shall bring forth truth, lest God has declared it to him? He shall lean to God, and not his own understanding. Who shall say, We know the ways of God when they are deceived by fallacies? The wise of this world know not wisdom; for their wisdom is vanity. But who shall glory in God, lest he be wise in the wisdom of God? I will tell you about my God who comes to me day and night. He that offer praises to the LORD, him shall God honor. Delight in the LORD. From the fullness of thy heart, with every marrow and every bone praise the name of the LORD. Do these things. Do all that I asked and the LORD shall be pleased. I tell you the truth: today the heavens shall rejoice. Glory shall abide. For this day which the LORD has made is magnified with his truth. Rejoice my God, rejoice; for thou art truly marvelous. Let everything that liveth praise the LORD my God. Remember this day, when glory has been lifted up to the heavens and the pleasures of the LORD are magnified. Say to thy neighbor, the delights of the LORD are pleasurable. Shout with joy, all ye faithful servants. For the LORD is pleased. His heart shall rejoice today. Many rivers shall flow with tears of joy and bless the LORD. Blessed be the LORD my God. The LORD is blessed from everlasting unto everlasting. Ahmein.

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