O LORD, thou knowest all my hope. All my pleadings I have bring before you. Like treasures I have laid them down for my cause. O LORD, who is righteous and worthy and everlasting glory, make haste to my cause and favor me. Let not my enemies rejoice over me. Thou knowest all their wicked ways. All their steps are crocked. All their thoughts are for evil. They despised righteousness but desire wickedness. Vanity is their glory. And yet they say, We shall rejoice with the LORD in the land of the living. Is my God a lover of vanity? They say, We shall inherit the earth. But where is their meekness? And where have they hidden thy truth? They are far from you. They seek death day and night as though it will give them life. O foolish people, is not the LORD the redeemer, the salvation of our souls? Behold, the riches and the glory of God are in Christ Jesus. Why flee from the hand that giveth life? But thy servant seek thee and treasure all thy ways. More valuable than gold are thy truths. My soul clings to them; for they are good. They are food that nourishes my soul, even my marrow rejoices. Truly, the words of God are piercing; who can escape them? I surrender all to thee, O LORD; for thou have taken nothing and made all that is in the heavens and the earth. Let all the wisdom and the power and the glory of God render to my cause a good work, and faithfulness exceedingly High. The words of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:10).

Thou have beckon to my call. Like a bright and shining armor, thou defended me. O LORD of glory and hope, thou will not make my soul to mourn for many days. Thou considered all my deeds, and attended to my heart. Even my mourning shall be like sunshine; for a new dawn shall seek my soul. Shall a man not seek his father? For I shall seek thee, my Father, because you have always attended to my cause. You favor me Papa. All my desires that are good for me thou have granted. To my heart’s delights, the LORD shall be praised. In all the land his name shall be magnified with glory. I shall not tarry, for even one second is too much. But I shall make haste to praise the blessed name of God. This God of Israel will not forsake me. I tell you the truth – my God is with me everywhere. Even in the midst of the unbelievers my God shall be praised. I shall lift up Glory on High. I shall say, even with the LORD I stand before you. If you shall believe the word of God you shall rejoice. Glory will come, not by my hand, but by the mighty hand of God. O heaven, rejoice in the name of our God. Rejoice I tell you; for the mighty hand of God is upon me. Today I shall extend praises to Almighty God and all my rejoicing shall swell up with gratitude for a God, so merciful, and so good.

O LORD God, who shall desire thy mercy and thy strength? For thou art the God who redeems sinners from damnation. Thou art the God who have taken the crocked and made them straight. Thou have lifted up the lowly and bring down the high and mighty. Thou have done all this that they shall know that they are men. But you are God Almighty whose name shall be feared. Is anything impossible for my God? Is anything too much to ask for, O LORD of the heavens? For thou have shown me compassion beyond the comprehension of my mind. I have said, thou art my God. And not once have you disappointed me. Truly, thou art a faithful God. You have caused my soul to rejoice. Even in the days of sorrows, the LORD comforts me. I shall declare thy faithfulness, O mighty One; for thou art a faithful and loving God. I have said, I will not leave lest my God walks with me. You have created me to declare with boldness thy goodness and mercy. All the days of my life the glory of God shall abound in this truth. I shall rejoice in the name of the LORD, who is God, above all gods. Behold the faithfulness of my God, he attends to my plead. My heart is filled with thy joy, O righteous One. And all my praises shall rise up with jubilation. All my joy shall abound with glory. The LORD is my God and his name shall be exalted above all. Magnify the LORD with me, that all thy hope shall glory. All thy riches shall endure and thy friutfulness shall abide. Bring forth thy treasures and let thy treasures magnify thy beauty. O children of Almighty God, lift up our God on High. Exalt him without ceasing; for the LORD is our God. Bring forth all thy gratitude and all thy thanksgivings; for the LORD is worthy to be praised. Let the redeemed of the LORD praise him and let their souls prosper for all eternity. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.

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