Stretch forth thy hand, O LORD, and let thy glory abound. Let the joys of the heaven delight my soul. O faithful God, in whom I delight, thou knowest the joy of my soul. All my thoughts are upon thee for goodness. All my gladness extend to thee. All my joy rejoices in thee. All my soul seek thee; for thou art my joy and thy beauty is everlasting. All my hope and righteousness is with thee. I cleave to thee, O LORD; for how can a man live without God? How can a man prosper without thy blessings? The heavens are high above all the earth and truth is in thy bosom. Lay my path with thy truth, O LORD. Crown me with it and let my soul rejoice. Let all my marrow and my bones thirst for thy truth; for thy truth is life. Who is wise but thee, O LORD? Who giveth wisdom to man that they shall seek thy face? Who giveth understanding to man that they shall live? Only thee, O LORD, offer such joy to the souls of the righteous. Only thee, who shall glory, shall bring hope at the feet of a man. All thy riches thou shall lay before him. All thy joy shall be exceedingly well. Because of thy goodness and mercy, the days of man shall glory. All their hope shall abound with joy. Thy truth shall be more precious than gold. For who shall live, lest he seek the LORD? All the days of my life my soul shall rejoice. Truly the hand of God is upon me. All my days shall jump for joy. For I have seek thee with all my heart and my soul knows fully well the joys of heaven. The LORD, who is my God, is faithful and true.

Who can understand the love of God? Truly the love of God is like no other love. My soul delights in the love of God. All my being beseech it. I am delighted in the glory of God. My soul is saturated in his love. All my marrow rejoices with gladness. The LORD, who is my God, is with me. All the joys of heaven have beseech me. Gladness have crowned my soul. I have seen glory and tasted the riches of God. I have tasted righteousness and smelled its goodness. All its mercy is upon me. The pleasant things of God have come upon me. All my glory is in the LORD. The love of God, all man shall seek. The glory of God, all man shall thirst. O Father, my God, my God, blessed be my God, who abodes with me. Blessed be my sunshine, and the joys of a thousand rivers. Let the lillies of the valleys that array with his beauty bless the LORD. As the wind blows so shall I blow my kisses to thee, that thy heart shall rejoice. Let all the ways of my God be pleasant and let my joy beseech him for all of eternity, that his joy shall not end. Let my soul honour him; for there is no other like my God. Truly the Almighty God of Israel is my God. I am like a drunk man, swaying from side to side, full with the glory of God. All his goodness has come upon me. All his glory has abound with hope. All his riches are exceedingly rich. All my praises to this God shall not be in vain. Upon the hill I see glory. Righteousness is upon it. Everywhere is glory. The LORD God Almighty is my God. Let all those that believe in the goodness of God be blessed. Let all those that seek his righteousness rejoice. For who shall not know the glory of God shall not live. And who have not tasted righteousness only knows the ways of death. For the way of God is the way of everlasting life. Life abundantly, man shall be given who seek the LORD in truth.

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