Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above the earth (Psalm 57:11).

O LORD God, who is like thee, full of glory and majesty? There is none. Thy name is exalted above all. And thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. All thy goodness is bountiful and true. Thou have shown me thy ways and I delight in thee, O LORD. The most High God, who have shown me mercy and have not withheld his lovingkindness from me, is the God I shall praise. The God that has created me, given me life, fed me and clothed me, protects me, deck me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, freed my soul from bondage and embedded his truth in my heart, is the God I shall exalt. His name shall be exalted with sweetness. My tongue shall speak his truth and his righteousness. Because the LORD abodes with me, comforts me, delights in me and cause my soul to rejoice, I shall praise and magnify his wonderful name. Yea, I shall praise the LORD because he brings healing to the sick, and cause them to rejoice in his name. The LORD is my God. I will declare his truth boldly because the LORD requires it. Even in the faces of his enemies his truth shall stand tall. Like a high tower shall it be, built on the foundation of the rock. And no one shall prevail against it. [ I tell you the truth – the word of God is everlasting]. O LORD, who is powerful and mighty in glory, thy righteousness I shall declare, even if thine only. I shall lift up the highest heaven; for thou art the God of the heaven. When I said, hide not thy face from me: thou shew thyself that I may praise thy name with gladness. I have seen thy ways, O LORD. Thou hold not thy anger forever. Thou have forgiven me that I shall not be held captive to the beast. Thy hand is terrible in lovingkindness to those you love. My God, thou art truly marvelous.

On the wings of the LORD there shall be glory. All of righteousness shall hope. All of righteousness shall rejoice. Like eagles shall we climb, soaring with perfection, full of praises for the Almighty. We shall knock on heaven’s door. We shall say, come forth, O righteous One; for thou art worthy to be praised. O yea, we shall shout out joys of jubilation and glory to our God. We shall say, O Righteousness, my darling, this is your honor; this is your praises; this is your delights. Come forth and taste what is sweet, what is delightful, and good. Let the heavens rejoice. Let us lift up our God. Let us bring forth all treasures of beauty which the LORD has bestowed upon us. With joy shall we worship our God. Like the dewdrops on the morning dawn shall we worship with perfection, the great and mighty God. Him we shall praise without measure. We shall shout with gladness – the LORD is our God. O LORD my God, thou art mighty and great. Worthy art thou, O LORD. Worthy is our precious God, in whom we delight. Bountiful is the love of God, full of everlasting joy. The God of everlasting wisdom is our God. By his hand all things were made. And there was nothing that was made which was not his. Out of nothing the LORD created everything. O Father, thou art truly marvelous. Thou art the great I AM THAT I AM, the God of everlasting truth, whose name is magnified forever.

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