Rise up, ye that seeketh righteousness, and glorify the LORD. Sing praises to him. Sing a new song of rejoicing. Sing about the God that giveth man hope and have caused them to rise up with confidence in him. Sing about Zion, the mount of glory and hope, and everlasting joy. Sing with jubilation and let thy voices rise up on the wings of eagles. Sing about the riches of salvation, our King, that giveth us hope. Rejoice, ye that liveth; the LORD God Almighty is our God. Sing about the great deliverer who destroyed darkness and death. Sing, ye that is delivered from the hands of Pharaoh, the spirit of Jezebel, and of the evil one. Sing – make a joyful noise unto the LORD; for he is our God. Rejoice, O Zion, the LORD God Almighty is King. Deck thyself with gladness; for the LORD stands on Zion with joy. Say to thy neighbor, how beautiful is the hill which the LORD requires? How precious is the hill he adores? The glory of the LORD shall abide in Zion. And all his righteousness shall cover it. Rejoice, O Zion, rejoice; for the blessings of the LORD are upon thee. Say to the heavens, rise up and praise the LORD; for the LORD rides upon thee. Say to the clouds, praise the LORD with gladness; for his righteousness is among thee. Lift up glory. Lift up the God of truth; for all that he has spoken will come to pass. This God of Israel is a mighty God. All my praises shall extend to the highest heaven; for the LORD is with me. He brings forth truth that I may declare his riches and his glory. That I may say to the sons of men, the LORD God is our God. All my hope shall abide with the LORD. All my gladness shall grace his feet with honour. All my joy shall fill his bosom with rejoicing. All my beauty shall rest upon his shore.

In the courts of the LORD there is justice and peace. Goodness and mercy cometh from the LORD. Judgement and truth are in his right hand. The right hand of God is a strong hand. With his right hand he has strike down oppression and bring forth hope. Our hearts shall rejoice in the LORD, our deliverer, and our salvation. To him shall we glory; for the LORD is our God. Because the LORD is our God, we shall lift up our banners with rejoicing. We shall say, Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teaches my hand to war, and my fingers to fight (Psalm 144:1). Blessed be the LORD, who have caused my mouth to be filled with thy praises and with thy honour all the day. I will go in the strength of the LORD; I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only (Psalm 71:16).

O LORD, Father, I proclaimed, and shall proclaim, thy truth and thy righteousness. I will stand up with thy strength and I will say, the LORD is my God. Behold, I cometh not by myself, but by the hand of God. He has put a new song in my heart, a song of rejoicing, and of hope. He has decked me with truth and honour, that I may declare his name among the sons of men. Blessed be my God, who have caused me to rise up with vigor and strength. Blessed be my God, who have caused me to seek righteousness and truth. Blessed be my God, who have not given me a Spirit of fear, but of love, and of sound mind. Blessed be my God, who have camped around me, and shown me his beauty. Blessed be Zion, the hill of glory, and my King. O Zion, O beautiful Zion, the LORD desires thee. Lift up thy hands with rejoicing and praise the LORD. Say to the earth, jump for joy and give up the glory of God. Withhold not thy treasures. But deck the feet of God with thy glory. Say to the LORD, worthy art thou, O Lamb of God. Worthy is the LORD. O LORD, let all thy praises swell up with rejoicing. The LORD is our God!

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