All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off ; but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted (Psalm 75:10).

This God of mercy shall declare truth. It shall rise up with vigor and strength, to behold the greatness of God and his righteousness. The LORD God is merciful and full of grace. But who is righteous and holy, but thee, O LORD? Who stands on truth and have not done one evil? The LORD God Almighty. Let all that desires righteousness desires the LORD. For all must come to God, lest they banish into disgrace. All must seek this grace of God in due time, lest this grace becomes a detriment to their souls. O LORD God Almighty, who speaks truth, let thy praises excel with excellencies. Let thy praises excel with glory. Let thy praises excel with truth. The LORD is God Almighty. Heed to the LORD who delivers the weak and attend to the sick, who comfort the widow with justice, and extend lovingkindness to all. His compassion fail not; for the LORD sustains all that liveth. My God, my God, thou art truly wonderful. Who is like my God? There is none like thee, O LORD. They have all tell lies. All their bones are destined for the pit. All have sin and bring shame upon themselves. All our righteousness are as filthy rags. But thou art holy, to behold greatness upon greatness. There is none as great as thee, O LORD. I searched but weariness has beseech me. All but vanity I have found. Only thee, O LORD is righteous and good. All the stars of the heaven honour thee. They humbled themselves to thy voice. All thy praises are everlasting; all thy joy blossoms eternally; all that is in thy hand prospers. Thou art the blessed LORD, infinitely great, supreme in authority, LORD of mighty wonders, God who created the heavens and earth. Even the sea rejoices in thy name. I am in awe with thee, O LORD. Who is this God of Israel that my heart desires? My soul thirst for thee like dry land thirst for water. O Father, rejoicing will come by the hands of the saints. Glory will come by thy hand, O mighty God. I shall stand with the LORD in the day of jubilation and my rejoicing shall not end. The LORD shall glory and I am glad in this matter.

Who shall wear the garments of grace but they that obey the LORD my God? The wicked shall falter and those that reject the grace of God shall wear the garments of desolation. The crown of everlasting destruction they shall wear upon their heads. This shall be their honour and their fame. All their glory shall abide in the pit. Grace shall flee from the wicked; for they considered it a burden and a license to sin. But those that snatched up the grace of God like a precious treasure shall wear it around their necks like an ornament.

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