O God of the heavens, whose path stretch forth like gold, whose joy abound with everlasting glory, let thy rejoicing be full of the excellencies and the delights of the saints, whose hands have comforted their souls, and have given them testimonies of glory and of salvation. Let all that is of God be magnificent. Let all that is God’s be delightful in glory. Let the hope of the living God rise up. Let this God be extol with greatness. For thou art truly a God of glory and thy hand is a blessed hand.

Magnify my God; bestow upon him greatness, power, and strength. Crown him with righteousness and holiness. Like ten thousand rivers shall his glory flow. Thou, O LORD, art truly magnificent. And I shall only rejoice in the LORD. If thou art joyful then I shall be glad in my heart. For why shall I glory lest my God be glorified? Why shall I hope if their is none in the bosom of my God? And in whom shall I boast if Almighty God is not my God? Only him my heart desires. It is he that sustains me and put joy in my heart in the morning and cause my soul to rejoice. I shall magnify the LORD God of Israel. I shall not cease, lest my days are ended and my glory is in the dust. And yet shall I rise again by the hand of God to lift up my God. Who then can stop me from glorifying God? From everlasting unto everlasting, the LORD shall rejoice. [I tell you the truth]. All his glory shall abound with beauty. All his hope shall be enriched with delights. My soul shall rejoice in the LORD; for him alone is God. Why boast in thy riches, O man of vanity? Why considered thyself honored in wickedness? What joy shall thy soul behold that seeketh destruction and not life? Shall a man not desire the salvation of God and yet shall he rejoice? Shall he cleave to wickedness and yet say, I shall glory? I tell you the truth – his glory shall be in the pit. In the depths of hell shall he seek his glory. O ye that mount up riches in the earth and not in heaven, what shall it profit you if you shall lose your own soul? Why considered thyself wise if thy soul shall cleave to the depths of the pit? Why say, I am blessed and highly favored if thou have not surrendered thy soul to God? Why deceive thyself in foolishness? For the wise live without shame. They die without shame. And they shall resurrect without shame. But he that says in his heart, I shall stir up corruption; wickedness I shall endear; lies I shall speak and the poor I shall deceive; I shall be a thief and my filtiness shall be excessive and yet I shall feast with God in his kingdom is truly arrogant and all his treasures are a fool’s. But thou have fool thyself with thy riches. Thou have said in thy heart, I am wise and need not God. Thou have boasted in thy riches and trampled on justice. Thou have not feared God but have crowned thyself with honor. But it is written: Whosoever offer praise glorify me and to him that order his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God ( Psalm 50:23). But you have made thy fame and thy fortune thy god. But God shall not be mocked. All thy deeds shall cloak thy soul. They shall follow thee to the pit, lest thou repent from thy sins and accept my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Behold, one God, who is mightier than all, whose brightness far exceeds the glory of the sun. Behold my God of glory. Behold truth, the giver of life. Behold my God whose glory is upon me. Upon Zion shall he rise up with glory. Like a high tower shall he stand tall. All the hope of God shall glory. And those who delight in the LORD shall feast in thy glory. They shall endear his beauty. All his joy shall blossom in their hearts. From everlasting unto everlasting, the hand of God shall prosper. He shall be praised forever. And I shall delight in his gladness. Wise are those who honour God. Wise are those who seek the face of God and delight in his beauty.


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