O faithful and loving God, who mount up on the wings of an eagle and rises up with glory, thou art the beauty of my soul. Thou have made my eyes to see thy glory and have bring joy to my heart, so exceedingly well. Thy greatness you have laid before men, so vast the display of thy glory, beyond what the eyes can see, and the heart can perceive. Truly thou art the great God of Israel, the holy One on High, who have destroyed the ways of the wicked, and who hate the oppression of men. Even Pharaoh has seen thy greatness and bow to thy power; for who can stand up against thy mighty hand? All the efforts of thy enemies are cast into the pit. Who can stand against thy mighty hand, O LORD? Terrible things in righteousness, you O LORD, have done for your people. You have bring hope where there was none. Their screams of death you have replaced with rejoicing. You have caused sunshine to rise up in darkness. Thy mercy, O LORD, endureth forever. Thy compassion fail not. Who is like this God of mine? Truly this God of Abraham shall be my God forever. Is there any that can war with my God? Is there one that shall rise up in foolishness? Many have tried and all have seen the end of their days. The LORD destroyed his enemies. The LORD is victorious. Who is like thee, whom I adore? All thy treasures are excellent in beauty. All thy riches rise up in glory. Thy goodness and mercy are better than gold. Thy lovingkindness is better than life. Thy faithfulness is very high. It extends to the heavens. They far exceed all the riches of the world. Give me the joy of thy hand, O LORD. Bestow upon me thy blessings. Make my heart to seek thy face continually. Let it beam with gladness. Ingrain thy truth in the fabric of my soul. Let every part of my being delight in the LORD. Then I shall say, truly the LORD is with me. And all my tears shall flow with rivers of joy; for thou have embrace me with thy glory. O LORD, thou have heard me and bestowed thy glory upon me. I cannot comprehend thy glory. It is too excellent for me. O Father, why maketh thy servant to rejoice so delightful? I have said before, the LORD is my God. And I shall say it again, the LORD is my God. Anoint me with fresh oil until my cup runneth over. Let thy favor beseech me. Let it cling to me like marrow to my bones. Withhold not thy grace from me. Let thy mercy comfort me. Shine thy light upon me. Walk before me, O God. And cover me under the shadow of thy wings. Open the doors of heaven when I call thee. Hide not thy face from me, O LORD. Thy salvation is wonderful, in which I delight: let it be everlasting unto everlasting. Fill me up with thy Holy Spirit, O God, and let thy rejoicing be magnified. Crown my soul with thy beauty. O Father, let thy love for me never fail. Let me stand in this truth and lift up my God. Remember me, O LORD; remember me and let me remember thy holy name. Let me rise up in vigor and strength and worship thee in Spirit and in truth. Sustain me with thy beauty. Revive me with thy joy. Make my face like a flint that I shall not cease in thy rejoicing. Let liberty stand up with glory. Let truth rejoice with gladness. Let thy light shine with brightness. Truly, thou art my God in whom I delight. O Father, let thy rejoicing be terrible in righteousness. Let my name be written in the Book of life to behold thy everlasting glory. And I shall exalt thy name in all the land. With boldness shall I proclaim thy beauty. I shall declare thy truth before the sons of men. Thy glory I shall magnify in all the land. The heavens shall rejoice in thy name and magnify and worship thee. They shall bless thee continually, with reverence , and joy. O Father, thou knowest my heart. It is you who have created me. Even in my mother’s womb thou knowest the beginning and the end of my glory. All my days are laid out before you. All my praises thou knowest and the fullness of thy joy. O Wonderful, all thy bosom is deck with treasures of joy. I see thy beauty – hide it not from my soul. For I long for the LORD my God. In my foolishness, I knew not that you were with me. Thou have never left my sight. Thou have kept me in the palm of thy hand; for thou created me that I shall prosper. Behold the faithful hand of God. Delight in the LORD, that thy steps shall be washed with butter, and the rock shall pour out rivers of oil.

The heavens shall rejoice in thy name and magnify and worship thee. The earth shall say, Truly my God is mighty. His hand is great and his truth is everlasting. They shall say, Let the glory of the LORD be magnified in all the land. Let it abound with praises. The LORD is blessed forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, the LORD is blessed. Rise up, O heaven, and jump for joy, O earth. The LORD God Almighty is our God. He alone reign supreme. His dominion cannot be matched. Lift up the name of Almighty God, who sustains us, and maketh our way to prosper. Say terrible things in righteousness, the LORD is blessed forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, the LORD prosper. All his truth stand with glory. All his hope stood up with mercy. For what shall a man hope less he hope in the LORD? Shall a man delight in vanity and yet prosper? The wisdom of fools are far from God. The LORD prosper from everlasting unto everlasting. Thou art truly the only God. My heart is filled with joy; for this God delights in me. I shall stand on the rock. And I shall lay down truth with righteousness. The LORD God Almighty is an everlasting God. And all that the LORD has spoken to me I shall bring forth with joy. Yea, I shall lift up the LORD and him alone shall be exalted without measure. His glory shall be jubilant. And all his fame shall blossom with rejoicing; for excellent is the LORD. Marvelous is the hand that created me. The LORD is blessed forever. His soul is delightful. Truly he is the only wise and everlasting God.

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