The mercy of the LORD I sheweth. I did not hide his compassion. His wisdom come forth with righteousness. The goodness of the LORD prevailed in the faces of those who will not believe. How merciful is my God who will pour grace upon the feet of the wicked who will not praise my God? O Father, I thank thee for everything. Let thy name be abound in glory forever. Thou have stretched forth thy hands and sheweth mercy. Thou have bring hope into their midst. Truly, thou art a merciful and loving God. Let thy praises be magnified, O great God. Let my song be of joy and everlasting glory. For thou art a God like no other god. To whom shall I glory but the LORD who is my God? To whom shall I praise, lest he be the God of Israel who have anointed me? With gladness shall I sing songs of jubilation. Like the lillies of the valleys shall they array with sweetness and flourish before my God. O precious LORD, who have bring truth to my bosom, let thy name be great in all the land. Let thy joy be exceedingly rich with the blessings of the saints. O great One, delight in thy glory. Bow dow the heavens and hear thy servant who delight in thy ways. All thy riches and thy glory shall be proclaimed in the land of the living. Who shall eat of thy body and drink of thy blood shall live. Glorify thy people, O LORD, who have seek thee on the Cross. Bestowed upon them thy blessings and make glad their hearts in thee. O LORD my God, let them rejoice in thy name forever. Let them bless thee and crown thee with righteousness and holiness. Let truth be a cloak upon thee, in thy everlasting glory. O God of truth, who is like thee O LORD? All my praises shall exalt thee and all my hope shall stand at thy feet. Let my joy comfort thee my God. To whom I delight, let my God glory. From everlasting unto everlasting, let my God be blessed.


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