O LORD God of my righteousness, thy hope shall stand tall in Zion. Like ten thousand mountains shall it stand. O LORD my God, to whom I glory, to whom I delight, brighter than the sun shall thy glory abide. Yea, I have seen the delights of the LORD. How excellent is his hand? Oh, how magnified is his beauty? This God of faithfulness, in the highest heaven, shall rejoice in the land of the living. For all the glory of the LORD shall be magnified in truth. O how wonderful is the LORD, that those who seek him shall not seek him in vain. I have seen the extent of vanity and the measure of its glory. All of it amounts to nothing. How vain is its glory? Who shall seek it shall seek death. But the LORD who is my God shall glory. Like the dust of the earth so shall he glory. Like the stars of heaven so shall be his delights. Let every man who desires life seek my God. He is the God of Israel, the Holy One that abides in truth. Let them despise vanity. Let them flee from evil and wickedness. Who shall seek desolation shall not glory. Who shall cling to death shall not live. I have witnessed the ways of destruction and the ways of life. Wise is he that seek the ways of the living God. Wise is he that rise up in the morning and desires the countenance of God. Wise is he who will not leave without God. For he shall prosper and his path shall be paved with gold.

I bring you the truth of the living God – eat of it and live. The LORD my God shall glory. His blessed hand shall prevail. I am a living testimony of a God who will not fail. I have seen this God and the works he has done. How may men came and testified to the glory of this God before me? How many believe in the compassion of God? The LORD my God shall be magnified in this truth. O LORD my God, who never disappoints, who never turn away the sick, who compassion never fails, I lift thee up on High, my God. Thou knowest my heart. Receive thy glory, O great One. Receive thy blessings on High, mighty God. Let thy blessed hand be magnified to the ends of the earth. Let thy glory be famous. In all the land the name of the LORD shall stand tall like a high tower. O Father, I delight in thee, O LORD. Thou knowest this truth. Thou knowest my heart. Thou have searched it over and over again. I am made a boaster for God. This is my destiny. This is my glory. The doors of heaven will open. Heaven will hear my call. Upon the rock I stand. I shall rise up in the strength and the vigor of the LORD and I shall praise his name to the ends of the earth. Even if I do it alone, the name of the LORD my God shall be glorified.

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