Blessed be the man whom thou chasten, O LORD, and teach him out of the law (Psalm 94:12). For whom the LORD loves he correct; even as the father the son in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:12).

God cannot fail. He will not fail. The LORD, because he loves us will chastise us at times. The afflictions we endure are saturated with joy. Though we may not embrace this now, what awaits us later on will be indeed joyful. For this too is a worthy accomplishment in God’s purpose which we might not understand fully. For God who is excellent in all his ways only does what is best for us. When we understand the nature of God, we will rejoice, even in our afflictions.

Who is like thee, O LORD, who watches over us day and night, who comfort the sick, and strengthen the weak? Thou sheweth mercy and thy compassion fail not. O LORD, thou have not hid thy face from me and my confidence in very high. The gates of heaven are not shut when I seek thee. There is no measure to your lovingkindness. Who can measure thy faithfulness? Many have tried but where are they, my God? Your lovingkindness reaches the earth, far below the heavens. Thou acknowledge the lowly. You maketh yourself known, even in thy greatness. Your love is dependable. Your faith is dependable. Truly you are my God forever. I have seen your ways and I am delighted. O LORD, who is like thee, my great God? How many years thou have stood watch over me? I can testify to thy great hand. Who is like my God? Let the heavens rejoice in thy name. O earth, hear my voice today – make haste, rejoice in the LORD and bless his soul. Lift up the mighty God in the highest; for he maketh thee to prosper in all thy ways. Dance and sing and give thanks in thy rejoicing. Be jubilant! Be excessive in thy praising. Him alone is God Almighty. Him alone is everlasting unto everlasting. Him alone is my God, this truth I tell you. Make way for my King. Great is the God of the heavens. He created the earth and it shall glory. Jump for joy, O beauty of the heavens. Stretch forth thy hands, all that is in the earth. Praise the LORD. Let thy jubilation be exceedingly well. Break all measure. Cast it into the shadow; for the LORD is our God. Be excessive with thy praises. Make a joyful noice unto the LORD, children of Almighty God. O great God, rejoice in thy paradise. Rejoice in thy fame. Rejoice in thy power and thy glory. Let thy soul be made glad today, that my heart shall be filled with joy. Stretch forth thy hand upon thy servant, O great One, who never fails. Let thy glory abound without measure. Let my praises to thee never end. O mighty One, hear me, O faithful God, that I may crown thee beautifully. That I may cloak thee with honour and my praises shall make thy soul glad. O LORD, thou have rescued me from the strong man. All his violence thou have hid from me, that I may rejoice in thee. O praise the LORD without ceasing. Bless his soul night and day. Make glad our King, who reigns forever. Lift him up, you heaven, and earth, unto everlasting. The LORD is great and his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. O Father, let the heavens overflow with my anointing, which I pour upon thee. Let also the earth overflow with my blessings upon thee. Let the oceans be magnified with my love for thee. O great One, who have kept me in thy hand, my praises to thee shall never end. In thy goodness and mercies, thou shall rejoice. Thou art the God of Abraham. Thou art also my God. All thy riches and thy treasures, thou have laid by my feet. Before men, you have revealed yourself. You have made yourself known in the midst of the heathen. They have seen your works – who then can deny your greatness? O dear God, I thank thee for thy righteous hand. I thank thee for thy healing hand, and the the joy you have bring to the many hearts. Your compassion fail not. I stand in this truth. I rejoice in this truth. I glory in this truth of the living God Jehovah. Let my praises be generous towards thee, O LORD. Let them be a sweet savor that comfort thee, and bless thy soul. Prosper in all thy ways, O mighty God. Forever prosper, O LORD. And make my soul to rejoice forever. My God is an everlasting God and his glory is everlasting.


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