O Father, thy hope is a blessed hope. Thy beauty is unlike no other. And the riches of thy glory is without limits. The wise understand not the depths nor the heights of thy glory. The foolish will not search the heights nor the depths, nor will they know where to look. But thy wisdom, O LORD, is rich with heavenly glory. And the magnitude of thy truth dwelleth before man. O LORD God, who can truly understand the things of God, lest you desire to reveal to man thy glory? How beautiful is thy soul? Thy breath giveth life to the dead, that they may glory in thy beauty. All thy goodness thou has formed with thy hand. And out of thy wisdom you have caused man to feast in thy goodness. Thy infinite glory stood above the finite wisdom of man. All that is known of this God is like vanity before him. The greatness of God is too vast to comprehend! But I glory in thy supremacy. I glory in the abundance of thy riches. All the wonders of thy hand I rejoice in them and praise thy name. Thy soul is blessed forever. O Father, this truth thou knowest. All thy soul blossom before me, with beauty I cannot comprehend. My soul rejoices in the magnitude of thy glory. You alone, O God, is mighty above all. My heart is joyful in this matter, that before you there was no other God. And there shall be none but you. You alone reign with supremacy and with glory. And I delight in the riches of this truth. I delight in the magnitude of the strength of the LORD. His power and his glory are everlasting unto everlasting. And all is his! All that dwelleth above and below is his. I am rejoicing in this. The LORD has made my heart to rejoice and my soul to glory. O LORD, God Almighty, who is like my God? All the wisdom is the LORD’S. All the truth is his. Life and death is his. The Light that glory before the beginning of time is the LORD. The heavens are high. The gates of righteousness stand up with glory. And thy gates are unlike any other. Beauty compass them. Truth beseech them. The depths and heights and the glory of the LORD are within them. O Father, shall I proclaim thy riches before men? Shall I boast in thy glory and in thy strength? Shall I lift thee up in the highest heaven? O LORD, this glory of yours is too much to understand. Ten thousand stars are too vast for man to comprehend and how much more are they? Shall they comprehend thy beauty? For thou, O LORD, created the heavens and the earth. And all therein is yours. This is thy glory. So vast is thy beauty. So tremendous is the magnitude of thy blessed hand. Yet thy hope stood up and thy mercy thinketh of man. How the LORD considers their souls when he looked upon them and see that they were gone astray. He bringeth salvation to restore their beauty. All the ugliness of death from their souls, the LORD removes, that he may see them in his likeness and his glory. His image shall be excellent before him. In Christ, his blessed Son who is magnified with glory, shall they live, shall they endure in this hopeful, loving God. Oh, the mercy and the love of God are too vast to comprehend. This is him who shall glory. O Israel, praise the LORD. Bless his soul. Delight in this God; for him alone shall glory. The LORD, who is our God, is magnified forever. The LORD, who is our God, shall glory, and no one shall take it away!

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