O children of Almighty God, take heed that you do not get caught in wickedness. To those who are without purpose, I beckon you to my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. For it is only by him can our souls be redeemed from the violence against it.

Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6).

This God is a wonderful God; for I have seen his goodness and tasted his lovingkindness. In the joyful day, the LORD comes. And in the day of sorrows, he is not far away. So I ask all to seek him. Repent of your sins and live pleasing to the LORD. There are terrible days coming and only in Christ shall we endure them. Do not get preoccupied with the things of this world. But occupy yourselves with the things of Christ. My God comes to me and I know not the hour or the minute when he will come. But he comes, that I may rejoice in his glory. But also that I may share with you the things of God. Stand fast in Christ; for the days that are coming will make nations bow down with tears.

Gather your prophets and let them tell you otherwise. Let them proclaim peace and gladtiding before you. And their words shall profit you nothing. America will fall. The desolation she has eaten has corrupted her soul. She feast in vanity. Corruption she desires and evil she has hid her face from. She shall fall, and shall not recover from the magnitude of her fall. All those who behold her great treasures shall render unto themselves hopelessness. And who have eaten of her spoils shall mourn in misery. Darkness shall come to this land. Chaos shall be found everywhere. Anguish shall grip the souls of her inhabitants. And who shall plead for mercy after her? The day of desolation is upon this land. Death is everywhere. Darkness shall come upon her and the vengeance of the LORD shall eat up her glory. Come forth with thy treasures before the LORD. Make way of thy beauty. Humble yourselves before God. Seek his salvation, that you may have reasons to rejoice in the days of darkness. I will stand with the LORD and declare what is right. This nation of evil shall eat of its own deeds. It shall fall because of wickedness. I am in weeping; for the terrible hand of the LORD shall come upon this nation: many sorrows shall cleave to this land and they shall not go away.

To God be glory. Let us delight in him, that he may be merciful to us in the days to come.

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