Do thou know the balancing of the clouds, the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge? How thy garments are warm, when he quiet the earth by the south wind (Job 37:16 & 17)?

He has caused oceans to sway with the ferocity of his strength and mountains to move and shatter before men. Who then shall say, We know the beginning and the end of the works of God? Who have stood and rejoice before God in their wickedness? Vain men, shall they yet glory? Shall the wicked rejoice while my God yet liveth? Upon the mountain top, the LORD stands tall. [see Isaiah 2:2]. Like a high tower, he will not be moved [see Psalm 62:2 &6]. Like the sun, yet shall he shine. [see Revelation 1:16]. The glory of the LORD is everlasting. Who know the works of God and the secret of his bosom? Will the LORD reveal it to man? The eyes see what they see. And the heart knows what it knows. But the magnitude of the glory of God is not known to any man. Is God not wise that he would keep hiden from man his vast treasures? What shall it be then, that man shall know all things of God that they may think of themselves to be equal to him? The LORD stands alone, with beauty that encroach his bosom. All the stars of the heaven rejoice in the LORD. The depths of the ocean hears the voice of the LORD. The magnitude of his glory is stretched forth to the ends of the earth. The heavens rejoice in the greatness of God. Yet, is all the power and the glory of God known to man? How wicked is the heart and how vain is the wisdom of the wicked? The glory of the LORD cannot be measured. And the magnitude of it, who can truly understand it? Who have known all the ways of God, in his infinite wisdom and glory? The LORD, who is my God, shall glory. Man ought to know their limitations. God stands alone and the magnitude of his blessed hand no one shall know. Search the depths and heights, and yet shall you not find all that is God’s. The wisdom of fools shall eat up their glory; for what little do they know? Shall any teach God knowledge, seeing he judge those that are high (Job 21:22)? Vanity, O vanity, rejoice no more; for all thy glory shall fall to the dust and wither away. All thy fame shall not be known in the depths of hell.

The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the works of this law (Deuteronomy 29:29).

Who knows the end of her days and what glory shall behold her? Shall the rivers flow with joy; shall the sun shine; shall the heavens rejoice with glory? How vain is thy thoughts: who have magnified thy soul to know the end of wickedness? Do you know everything? Is everything made known to you? (see Ecclesiastes 11:5 & 6). But my God does. Then it is clear that all the wisdom of God is not known to man? The potter, how wise is he that molded the clay? The glory of God cannot be measured, nor contained. And the limitations of our minds and hearts should humble us, under the authority of God, who is the Creator of all things, even the evil things, and knowest all things.

I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the LORD do all these things (Isaiah 45:7). [see also Psalm 139]. There is none like him. Him alone is God. He stands in that supremacy and reigns with everlasting glory. He sits above the circle of the earth. [see Isaiah 40:22]. The LORD my God is magnified in this truth. The depths and the heights knowest not all the works of God, and the fullness of his being is too vast to comprehend. For all that we have endured in the beauty of holiness of the LORD, shall we not glory in him? Let us exalt our God with gratitude. Let us decrease and make ourselves low before God, that he may desire a good thing for us, a faithful glory, and a hope, exceedingly high, rich with the bountiful joy of the LORD. Let the earth bow to the LORD, all of it. Let the heavens acknowledge his greatness. Let them make a way, clear a path for he that is righteous. Let the LORD be blessed. Let our hearts rejoice with a solemn reverence for God, that he may look upon our faces with his delight. O Father, who shall rejoice by thy hand? They that humble themselves before God and set their faces to seek to know the ways of God. Let us lift up our God, all the days of our life; for in the valley of the shadow of death, the LORD will not forsake us. He will stand with us. And where there are mountains to climb, he will carry us to the top. Where there are battles to be fought he will fight for us. If the LORD is not our God, what shall it profit us? What shall it profit my soul if my God is not with me? Our God is faithful. All his faithfulness stood before me, that I may bring before you the ways of righteousness and the deeds of everlasting glory. If the LORD is not my God, I will not leave. I will not go! O LORD, thy ways are not like our ways. Thy thoughts are not like our thoughts. Who have counsel thee, O LORD, and have caused thee to prosper? All thy ways are excellent and thy glory is exceedingly high. As long as the LORD is with us, our days shall be fat and the marrow of our bones shall be rich with his glory. I will proclaim the goodness of God and it shall stand tall like a high tower.


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