Truth shall stand tall like a high tower and with strength. The LORD who is my God shall glory. Yea, I have seen the works of the LORD and I am please. His delights are excellent! A rejoicing hand that is blessed, a hopeful glory that prosper, the light of God prevails against darkness. The LORD glory in the midst of the heathen. The blessed hand of God has caused the sick to rejoice. The weak are made strong in the LORD. The hopeless are given hope. They rejoice with purpose. The LORD my God shall not go weary. His beauty is indeed beautiful. All his treasures rise up with glory. Who can stop what is ordained to prosper? Who can stop the LORD who does miracles and wonders? The lame walk. The blind see. The dumb talk. The deaf hear. The glory of the LORD rise up on the wings of eagles. Truth prosper. As it was in the beginning so shall it be. The hand of God prosper. And every thing that cometh from the LORD shall bring him glory. The glory of the LORD shall abound in a mighty way. The doors of heaven are open this morning. The LORD is with me. He hears my voice. I am not made ashamed like the wicked. O LORD my God, thou art faithful unto everlasting. And thy glory abound without measure. Thy goodness and mercy endureth forever. My heart is made glad; for the LORD liveth. The beauty of holiness shall rejoice. Blessed are thou O LORD, who maketh the rain to fall upon thy servant in this season, and have caused fruits to flourish in the land. O LORD my God, how many thanks shall I extend unto thee? Thou maketh the sun to shine upon my face that I shall sing glory in the courts of the LORD. Thou have made thyself known and have caused me to rejoice. Mighty is the LORD who dawns with glory, who rises up with vigor and strength, who restore hope, and bring confidence like many mountains. The valleys are low yet they jump for joy. The mountains stand tall with thy strength. The sun rises up with thy glory. The dewdrops fall with thy glory. The delights of the LORD glory. The morning dawns with joy. Thou causes it to blossom with thy glory. O LORD my God, how wonderful are thy ways? O how beautiful shall Zion be with thy presence? How blessed is the LORD who stands with glory? How blessed is the feet of my King who walks in righteousness? How blessed shall be the hills of Zion in the presence of the LORD?

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