I shall be glad when they say, The LORD stands in Zion. When righteousness has glorified the hills of salvation, I shall be glad. When hope stand tall in rejoicing, I shall be glad. When my darling stands in his beauty, I shall be glad. O LORD, to whom I behold with joy, let thy way prosper before men. Let thy hope be rich with thy blessings. Let thy glory rise up to the heavens. For the heavens still glory in thy name. Thy dwelling place shall magnify with beauty. Truth is everywhere. O what beauty I have seen in thy midst. The riches of thy joy flow with many waters. Thy glory reaches the depths and the heights. The earth magnifies the LORD. It jumps for joy. All the corners of the earth dance for joy. Jubilant is his ways before the LORD. My LORD, thou art truly heavenly in glory. Thy hope is stretched forth on many waters. Rivers flow exceedingly rich with thy glory. Mountains stand tall because of thy strength. O LORD my God, I have seen thy ways. Who is like unto thee my God? Who have stood up with such beauty and such glory? How far shall thy servant look and yet shall he find none like thee? Behold the King of glory, my King, whose Kingdom is everlasting. How rich is thy hand, O LORD, and the prosperity of thy soul? Thy praises abound without end. The joy of the LORD shall not cease. His beauty shall arise with everlasting glory. Thy ways, O LORD, are truly marvelous. Who can measure it? Many have tried and who have seen the end of them. Vanity cannot be found. And all their vain thoughts have vanished like the wind. Yet thy glory abode, from everlasting unto everlasting. O mighty King, let thy people praise thy name. For you have redeemed their souls with everlasting beauty. Their hearts behold thy peace, and their souls thy freedom. Precious is the LORD who abideth in truth. Truly, the glory of the LORD shall abound with everlasting glory. And the saints shall hold steady the hope of the LORD. The God who created the heavens and the earth shall rejoice. I shall see it and I shall be glad. The LORD who is God Almighty shall reign forever!

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