And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan. And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleanse? But where are the nine (Luke 17:15 – 17)?

Where are they that giveth not thanksgiving and withhold the glory of God? Where are they that were in bondage but are now set free by the Lamb of God?Where are they whom God has shown favor? Where are they who delighted in the goodness and the mercy of God? Where are they who have profited from the hand of God? Have they forgotten the ways of old, and have not shown gratitude to a God that saves? But this is true of many who eat by the hand of God, who live because of his tender mercies, who rejoice because of his goodness, and his lovingkindness that arise in grace. They endure because of his light. But the hand that receives the blessing will not bless. The hand that is given the glory of God will not give back. It is evil to withold from God his glory. It is evil to delight in the blessings of God, and not give thanks. But we see this over and over again – many eat and drink that which were handed to them by God and they forget the One who have made them glad. They forget the One who have bring a rejoicing hope at their door. They forget the mighty healer who have bring joy to the suffering and the sick. Today my God will glory. And every day his glory shall abound in hope. I tell you the truth – there will be a few that will lift up this God unto the end. There will be a few that will glorify this God regardless. The hope of righteousness shall indeed prosper, as it prosper in the one that was healed and giveth thanks. How precious is his soul before God? For he delighted in the goodness of God with thanksgiving. He delighted in the salvation of God. He remembered the day of old and he delights in the new day with thanksgiving. Surely I tell you that a new dawn has cloaked the soul of this man. For he worketh a good faith before God. And who shall endure the goodness of God, lest he glorifies God?

Only one sheweth gratitude. But we must remember this – there were ten of them that were healed yet only one took the time to glorify God. Only one took the time to say, Thank you LORD for your merciful grace. Thank you LORD for considering me, for shining your light on me, for shewing me salvation. Thank you LORD. Because of you I glory. Because of you I rejoice. Who is like the LORD? Who is the blessed hope of Israel? Who is the blessed hope of the world that man may rejoice with gratitude if they believe? For he sheweth mercy to lepers. He sheweth mercy to those who are inflicted with sorrows and pain. But who will not give glory to God? Who liveth and yet will not praise God? Who will not delight in the kingdom of God? This is true of many – they desire the kingdom of God but they do not delight in the kingdom of God.

But the kingdom of God is not far from you, nor can it be seen with the naked eye. Man that search for a building will not find it. They will not find it; for they have eyes yet they do not see. But today I tell you that if you see you shall glory. If you see you shall praise the LORD my God. If you see you shall delight in the goodness and mercy of God. If you see you shall visit the sick and attend after them. You shall cloth the naked. You shall feed the hungry. You shall visit the prisoners that they may know that there is freedom in Christ. [Who can hold a man hostage if he is liberated in Christ]? If you see, you shall show mercy to those who desires it. You shall not make your heart hard like stone when your brother comes before you repenting. But despite those who will not see, the kingdom of God will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Many are called but few are chosen. The few that are chosen are the dwellers of the kingdom of God. The scripture tells us that faith without work is dead [see James 2:14 – 26]. The one who returned and glorified God worketh his faith. For the day will come when many will stand before God with faith and no works. Many will say, LORD, LORD…(see Matthew 7:21 – 24). But this God will bring to their remembrance their wickedness. He will bring to their remembrance their ungratefulness. He will bring to their remembrance their unforgiving hearts. He will bring to their remembrance their envy, jealousy, and strife. He will remind them of their stubbornness and their hate. How much pride will stand before God? For who shall endure in the glory of God, lest the kingdom of God is in him? Delight in the ways of God and glorify this God. Delight, I tell you. For who walk in ignorance walk in death. The kingdom of God is not one without knowledge and hope and wisdom. It is one that will prevail with truth. For how vain is the glory of the nine lepers who did not turn back to say, thank you LORD? How vain is the glory of the nine who worketh not their faith? Rejoice in the LORD, who is God. Remember the goodness of God. Remember his mercy and grace. Remember the hand that save you. Remember I tell you. Let the kingdom of God abide in you, lest you look for it like a fool who shall perish. Let it be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let the LORD my God be glorified. This truth I tell you, that if this God shall be glorified by your hand you shall not be disappointed on judgment day. Glorify Christ. Live in his truth. Work out your faith. Work it out, I tell you. Be fruitful before this God and let your thanksgiving delight in the LORD.

Be not like the unrighteous who are ungrateful and sheweth no mercy. They are selfish and glory in themselves and not God. But that glory will faint – it will grow old and die. Be not like the nine who selfishly departed in their wicked ways without saying, thank you LORD. But he that glory in the LORD shall prosper. He shall prosper like the one who considered God, and delighted in his goodness and mercy. Please God; glorify him; delight in his ways with praises and thanksgiving. Remember, he that do the will of the Father shall rejoice. Remember it. Remember it.


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