Woe unto them that draw inequity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isaiah 5:18 & 20)!

Woe unto them who bask in evil and give it all sorts of name to fulfill their lustful desires. Woe unto men who twist and misuse the word of God to accommodate their wickedness, while negating the obvious truth, and have made God into a liar for their own cause. Woe unto them that abide in the covernant of man and not God’s. Woe unto them that follow the blind and are deceived. Woe unto them that exalt themselves in wickedness and not righteousness. Woe unto them who believe that if they ignore the truth it will go away quietly. But there is nothing good about deception and the truth will not lay down and die for no one. My God will rejoice in what is good, what is true, what is pure. He will rejoice in the Spirit man and not the fleshy man.

Stand in the liberty of Christ; for only then you shall dwell in the righteous hope of the LORD. If we depart from righteousness there is no salvation; there is no hope; there is no liberty; there is no everlasting life. Only the righteous shall have eternal life but death shall behold the wicked. I know this is not the popular view but it is the truth. There is nothing good about evil. I will give it its rightful name. Call it what it is! And who shall stand before you and rejoice in it? Behold, the day cometh when all wickedness shall cease. And those who do not repent and turn from their wicked ways shall find no glory before the LORD. The judgment of God shall come upon them. And his wrath that kindled, shall break them into pieces, like a potter’s vessel. They shall not prevail. For the LORD, who is my God, brings goodness and mercy for the righteous. But the vengeance of the LORD shall come upon the wicked. There shall be no mercy. But the war of the LORD shall rise up; for his wrath is kindled. So shall it be for those who trampled on the mercy and goodness of God. Let all who consider themselves wise – take heed to the warning of God. DEPART FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS, he that is with knowledge and understand the vengeance of God. Seek the wisdom and the fear of the LORD that you may live. What shall your wicked ways gain you, but everlasting death? DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT THE LORD MY GOD KNOWS YOUR WAYS AND HE SEES ALL THINGS? Nothing is hidden from him! Who have deceived you into believing this lie? Who have encroached your soul with the deeds of the devil? What glory shall you behold by the hands of evil? For your reward shall be just, saith the LORD. Who shall not depart from their wicked ways shall not find pleasure in the sight of God. Hell shall be their glory. For I tell you this truth – no one will take away the glory of God. RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL HAVE HIS GLORY. Many brutish men have stood up; many strong men have risen, yet they shall all fall to nothing. They are bind up and confounded. Behold, their glory have turned into disgraced. Miseries have cloaked them. Shame befalls them. Even the dust shall scorn their presence. And hell shall not rejoice in them.

Know you not my God, and the things he has made known to me? Shall you fight God and win? Only a fool will think that way. Why heap up vanity; what will it profit you? But he that has come to understand his desolation and destruction, repent of your wicked ways and seek the LORD my God who shew mercy to the repenting soul. Seek him, while the hour is before you. For when the hour has come and passed – it shall be too late.

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