My friends, the message of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ has exceeded my expectations. For this God that blesses, truly blesses. And the working of the power of the Holy Spirit avails much. The kingdom of God shall be done on this earth as it is in heaven. If God has started this, truly the glory of God shall be magnified. His purpose shall be accomplished. And it shall prosper in the delight of the LORD. I offer thanks to our God who considers us, even though we were weak, corrupt, frail, wandering this earth, without hope, and purpose. Our God has given us a way, in his Son Christ. He has shown us mercy, so rich with hope, that we shall prosper in light, if we continue to believe. [Our God is awesome]. Now we are strong in Christ, hopeful unto the glory of God, rich in a delightful purpose of Almighty. And having the oneness in Christ, unified in a heavenly glory, we edify the Church. I plant and many of you water, and God giveth the increase. I offer my gratitude to all of you, who considered the goodness of God and his Son Jesus Christ. But to Almighty God, I say: thank you Father. To my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, I say: thank you LORD for the gift of eternal life. SALVATION BELONGS TO THE JEWS, which I behold so dearly. And this is clearly laid out in the words of our God, the scripture, where Christ made it clear to the Samaritan woman – that we also may know the spoken word of God, and to whom we must seek for salvation. THAT THERE IS NONE OTHER, BUT THE CHRIST, TO WHOM WE MUST SEEK FOR ETERNAL LIFE!

You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22).

To the Holy Spirit, I say: thank you for comforting us, for teaching us all things Christ, and for moving so mightily all over this land. I thank you for the fire you have put inside of me that I stand up with boldness to do thy will.

This greeting is far reaching. It is far reaching; for who can put limits on Almighty God? Let no one put limits on my God! Shalom [peace], I say to the people of many countries throughout the world, who have embraced the word of God. This truth of God is exceedingly great. It is rich with the hope and the glory of God. It is soul saving. To share the gospel of Christ that the world may know that IN HIM AND ONLY HIM THEY SHALL BE SAVED is wonderful.

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one come unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6).

This is a joy. It is truly joyful; for the glory of God abound with a rejoicing hope. The hand of God is far reaching. It has spanned the globe. For these messages which the LORD has blessed me with, and you also, have reached more that 200 countries, thus far, spanning 6 continents, having crossed many oceans and mountains, that the wisdom of God may oblige in hope. That those who are in bondage, yet shall they know that freedom is in Christ, our LORD and our God. For this same Christ, the Son of God, was sent in the flesh, to redeem sinners like me and you, to the holy gates of our heavenly Father. That if you believe that Yeshua Mashiach [Jesus Christ], died on the Cross and was burried and resurrected for your sins, you shall be saved. The hand of God is merciful. And this grace, a gift of God, we cannot repay, is a joy to the LORD for those who repent of their sins, and seek him. Humility before this God is acceptable. It is this remorseful act, a contrite Spirit that the LORD welcomes. For those who are prideful, or have not come to God in humility, I say: Come to God like a child. Remove your pride and come to God. Come into my family of those who love the LORD. Come while the LORD is calling, before it is too late. I pray and hope that the Holy Spirit has moved with an abounding grace of my LORD and Savior Yeshua Mashiach [Jesus Christ], and that you heed to this love of God.

I trust that our faithful God will equip us, sufficient in his lovingkindness, to bring glory to his kingdom, in which we are partakers of an everlasting and glorious kingdom. O Father of righteousness, let your blessings pour upon your children today. Let it beseech them bountifully, that they shall remember you, and lean on you in the days to come. I thank you LORD; for I put my trust in you, believing in your faithfulness, knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, abides in truth. LORD, I thank you for everything. Because of you we live. Because of you we hope. Because of you we prosper. We are rich in you LORD and we oblige with gratitude. We delight in all thy ways. And our thoughts are on you because we desire you. In the days to come, my God, let your grace be sufficient. Let us remember our good LORD. Let us remember the Cross. But let us remember that because Christ lives, we also shall live. And that this flesh which we have is mortal. But that which we awaits shall be immortal, with the set apart Spirit, the Holy Spirit, of our God. That we will rejoice without sickness, and without pain, everlasting, unto everlasting, in thy bosom.

May God be with you all, now, and in the days to come. May God bless, and keep you. May he shine his light in you. May he give you the strength and the courage to live in the light and honor him. Let the riches of my God abide with you, now, and forevermore. May the peace of the LORD be with you, now, and in the days to come. So let it be. Ahmein.

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