I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvelous works (Psalm 9:1).

How excellent is the LORD who sits on High? Above all the LORD glory. Yea, mighty is my God. His hand is spectacular. Marvelous is his ways. And truth abound in glory. It prosper with riches, so beautiful, so delightful, so awesome. It stands firm, unmovable, with the glory of the LORD. Righteousness cloak it exceedingly well. Like rivers of living water it blossoms. Like the light that cannot be extinguished, it shines. Everlasting unto everlasting is Almighty. Truly a joy to behold, the riches of heaven and earth is the LORD’S. He proclaimed things and they are. He sets on high and who can make it low? He makes low and who can make high? He brings joy and who can bring sorrows? He brings sorrows and who can bring joy? The LORD who is God shall prevail in all his ways. He declare things that are right. He is honorable, full of infinite glory. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is the LORD. For infinite is his glory. The seven spirits is the LORD’S. Such beauty abound in his soul. Everlasting glory encroached him with righteousness and holiness. O LORD, how precious is thy name in all the land? The living shall praise thee like the sounds of many trumpets. It shall be a sweet sound in the heavens. Yea, the LORD is worthy to be praised. Let us bestow an everlasting anointing on our God, one that is fit for our King and our High Priest. Lift up the LORD my God. Lift him up! Lift him up! Lift him up; for the LORD our God is good. Let us rejoice in the blessed hand that prosper. Let us rejoice in his goodness and mercy. Lift up the heaven and praise the LORD. Bless him in his holiness and righteousness. Offer praises of rejoicing. Let them be jubilant. Let them be exceedingly joyful. Dance and sing; for the LORD is our God. All the riches of his glory abound in hope. The LORD sustains all. He has shine his light upon us. Like the green herb that flourish, the LORD has fed us. He has considered us, and poured his rain upon us, that we shall flourish. Let my praises to thee be like ten thousand mountains. Let them pour upon you, dear God, like a fountain that never stop flowing. Let it be exceedingly well in thy sight. O Father, receive my blessings. In thy strength I stretched forth my hands. For he that liveth forever shall glory forever. Jubilant shall be my praises towards the LORD. And the riches of his holiness shall be bountiful. I shall rejoice in the delights of the LORD, and his glory shall be eternally joyful. It shall not cease. All the riches of the valleys, let them bow to thee. Let the hills jump for joy and praise the LORD. Let every living thing honor thee. What measure of praise shall be  worthy unto thee, O LORD? There is none sufficient to glorify thy holy name. But let thy hand be merciful to thy servant. Let thy grace be bountiful unto him. That I shall declare thy riches and thy glory upon the earth. So that thy beauty shall rain with joy. And the riches of my God shall be exceedingly well. Hope abound with the goodness of the LORD. His lovingkindness has graced the hearts of men. Like eagles they fly with the wonderful hand of God. Truly, exceptional is Almighty God. The Light of the LORD prevails again darkness. How many sunshine graced thy feet, O LORD? Thy bosom glory with everlasting hope, richer than silver and gold. The Majesty of the LORD my God shall reigh forever. With thy hope, thy hand shall prosper. Glory shall abound in thy truth. The riches of thy works are too fabulous for me to understand. But, yet, I glory in all that you do. O Father, thy hand shall indeed glory. What hope cometh from thee, O LORD,  that it shall glory eternally? Who have built mountains so strong and oceans so deep? All the depths of the seas glory. The heights rejoice. They bow to thy name. They honor thee. Look at the sky, so spectacular, it is a rejoicing glory of the LORD. Who can do these things but the great and mighty God? Such beauty cometh from thee, O LORD. Thy righteousness brings forth thy many wonders. O, Glory is the LORD. Let my God be praised. Let his goodness and mercies abound in truth. How wonderful is the LORD? Who can measure his glory? Who can understand the depths and heights of our God? I am amazed with thy wonders. I am in awe. I am in love with you, O LORD. So many are thy wonders, infinite in glory. I am in awe with thy greatness. My heart is glad for thee, O LORD, in thy power and glory. How wonderful is the LORD. All the things which thou has created yet abide? Such glory cometh from thee. I turn to thee O LORD; for thy riches and thy glory and thy honor are without measure. Thy hope is exceedingly well. And thy truth abide forever. Many bridges thou have build and many strongholds thou has destroyed. Victorious is the LORD. I rejoice in thy strength. The LORD shall glory. I have seen thy ways. O how beautiful is thy hand? O how great is my God? With thy truth, I stand firm. With thy truth, I glory.  Blessed is thee, O LORD. And thy name is magnified in all the land. I am the LORD’S. He is my avenger, my hope, my everything. He is the beauty of my holiness. The weapons of the LORD are precise. The hand of the LORD shall glory. Truth cometh from the LORD. I have seen the heights and depths of this truth. The heavenly things the LORD has bring before his servant. Victory is in the right hand of God. All the power and the glory is his. The kingdom of the LORD stands strong. Forever and ever, the kingdom of the LORD prevail. It is an everlasting kingdom. Behold, he that liveth, liveth forever. ELOHIM [God] shall rise up in glory. Yeshua [Jesus] shall rise up in glory. Ruach Ha’ Kodesh [the Holy Spirit] shall rise up in glory. Let the praises of my God be without end. Let them rise up in glory. And let my blessings to him be exceedingly well in his sight. Let it be a sweet savor; for his hand that sheweth mercy and delivered me from bondage shall be praised. The Salvation of the LORD is good. It bringeth forth joy that cannot be contained. Yea, I have seen beauty on Zion. The rejoicing of the hill shall indeed be marvelous. The LORD will glory. He will be praised. I am the LORD’S. I have said it. So let it be. Ahmein.

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