The love of the LORD is brighter than the sun. And the joy of the LORD is in his righteousness.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: To shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night (Psalm 92:1 & 2).

O Father of righteousness, the joy of my salvation, thy beauty shall abound and thy riches of mercy shall be magnified in praises. O LORD my God, behold the gifts of my hand, which thou has bestowed upon thy servant and brought comfort to my soul, that I shall bring praises of rejoicing to my God of everlasting glory. O Father, the day has come and passed, but the night is yet rich with thy beauty. Oh how I adore the joys of thy hand. And thy goodness and mercy delight my heart with thy treasures. Oh how I long to praise thy name. For you O LORD are my God and worthy art thou to my soul. I stretched forth my hands to thee O LORD; for thy name is beautiful to my soul. So precious are thy ways; they amassed so wonderfully. I think of you O LORD, and my thoughts abound with joy. Who is like thee my God? For I dwell in thy hope that will not go away. Thy hand is steady. So strong and mighty is the LORD. Holy is the LORD who sits on High. Righteousness is everywhere. It abound in beauty. Thy truth is kept high. On the wings of eagle they fly. O LORD, my glory, my hope shall endure in the goodness of the LORD. I shall lift thee up, O LORD, before the sons of men. And I shall not be ashamed of thy name. I shall declare thy majestic ways. And the sovereignty of my God shall reign forever. O precious God, my deliverer, my glory, my love, how bright is thy light? Brighter than the sun is the LORD. And how many stars shineth, yet, who can compare to thy beauty? For you stand alone with excellency that cannot be measured nor compared. Marvelous are thy ways. How rich is thy heart? And how great is thy hand that created all things heaven and earth? Like ten thousand mountains are the strength of the LORD. Yea, the heavens shall rejoice in thy name. The earth shall dance. Rivers shall sway to and fro. They shall jump for joy with the goodness of God. His praises shall be exulted because of the beauty of his hand. And all that the LORD has made shall rejoice in the LORD. Triumphant shall be his glory. For only the Almighty God shall be praised with this honor. I shall be glad; for the LORD my God shall be praised exceedingly well. Yea, the LORD who is God alone shall prosper. I shall see it and rejoice. Jubilant shall be my soul; for the LORD is my God.

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