O LORD my God, who have bring forth hope that move many mountains, my mountains have fallen because of thy faith. Thy righteousness is exceedingly high. And thy goodness and mercy extend beyond my comprehension. Truth has evaded men for thousands of years because they did not believe. But thou art the Christ the Son of God who came in the flesh to save us sinners from the destruction of the world. O righteous and loving God, all my bowels rejoice in thy goodness and mercy. All my hope is exceedingly rich. Thy beauty abound in truth. O Father, to whom I bestowed everlasting glory upon glory, my anointing cometh from my heart. Let it bring joy to your soul, O LORD. That your servant may rejoice with the love of my God. Thou art the great God of Israel. And thy greatness cannot be measured. All of my years shall be spent. And who shall know the depths and heights of thy glory? All that liveth shall praise my God. And all his beauty shall abound in this truth. Let my blessings fall upon my God who have called me out of darkness into the light. My joy cometh in the right time that I may glory in the hopeful truth of the LORD. Let my blessings be bountiful upon thee, O LORD. Let it amassed in thy beauty. For the LORD that saves shall rejoice. O Father, thy Salvation shall be magnified today. It shall be magnified in all the land, that thy saints shall know and remember, the goodness of God. How the LORD cometh with gifts of many treasures, that we may feast in the beauty of the hand of God. Everlasting unto everlasting, my God liveth. And the hope of many waters flow like rivers. Truth abound in truth. Yea, the hand of God is a good hand. Come and taste. Come and taste. Come and taste the glory of God Almighty. How the LORD has stood up for his people, that they may dwell in hope, and come to know the fullness of God. Truly, the God of Israel is the God of everlasting glory and hope. Let us rejoice in what is good. Let us rejoice in the LORD our God. Ahmein.


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