The bowels of destruction shall not feast in glory against the LORD. Truth shall rise up in glory but death shall beseech the brutish. The hope of the wicked shall be destroyed. It shall be scattered into darkness and the depths of hell shall beseech it. Death shall cloak the unrighteous. But life shall cloak the righteous. Light shall be magnified in the souls of the righteous. The glory of God shall beseech them with his power. Truth shall be a joy to their souls. The hope of Christ is our Salvation. What love this God giveth? The magnitude of it is too vast for me: I cannot comprehend it. God in the flesh taketh away the sin of the world. Who is like our God? This God has shew us mercy. We rebelled against him. We did evil in his sight. We forsake him. Every corrupt thing we did. We are worthy of destruction. And yet this God shew us mercy. That should we turn from our wicked ways and come to Christ, believing in this God, all our sins shall be redeemed. All our wickedness shall be erased from the sight of God. All our self righteous ways shall be forgiven. Who is like this God? In Christ righteousness we shall live. The love of God is too vast for my understanding. I cannot comprehend it. Truly a God such as this is worthy of our love. Our loyalty must be with God. The judgement of God must bring joy to our souls. We must rejoice in the name of God. Every breath we take is of the LORD. All our praises must extend to the heavens. The heights of everlasting glory, the hope of righteousness, the joy of our souls is the LORD’S. We are nothing. But this God, he is every thing. We must decrease but this God must increase. Let humility come upon us and let us magnify our God. Let us take a moment and remember the LORD. Let us remember the joy of our God. All his goodness and mercies, let us remember them. O Father, my blessed hope thou art our God. Truth has dwell in our midst and we have embraced it. We will not let you go. We will stand up in thy strength. We will endure unto the end. We will magnify thy glory. We will call on the name of our God. Thy face we shall seek in the day and in the night. We shall not be satisfied, lest the LORD is with us. What man will burden the way of the LORD? Shall we put our trust in man? Shall we put or trust in the strength of the hourse? Shall wickedness be our joy in the time of need? Shall we glory in vanity and hope in the hopeless? We will stand with the LORD; for he is our God. He giveth life where there was none. He giveth hope where there was none. He bringeth forth salvation with grace, abounding with glory upon glory. All our sadness has turned into gladness. All our hopelessness has turned into hope. All our darkness has turned into light. The word of this God avails us much. Death has no glory against us; for the LORD is our God. We will rejoice in the goodness of God. To the ends of the world we will rejoice. We will rejoice because the hand of God is with us. We will rejoice because the LORD is our God. Our hope has risen up on the mountain top. Truth shall rise up in Zion and we will rejoice in the name of the LORD. Glory upon glory, we shall bestow upon the LORD. Yea, we shall not cease. And our praises shall be magnified in this truth. Let the joy of God be in our thoughts. Let our souls jump for joy. Let them bless the LORD. The hand of God is with us. I tell you the truth. The LORD is with us. We shall bless the name of the LORD our God.  Yea, with the joy of our hearts, we shall exalt his holy name. Lift up the LORD with me. Lift him up, children of glory. Lift him up, children of truth. Lift him up, children of light. Lift him up, children of hope. Lift him up, children of salvation. Lift him up, children of Christ. From everlasting unto everlasting, the LORD shall glory.

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