Today is a good day because the LORD has shew us his grace. Let us praise the LORD. Let us bless his holy name. Let us offer thanks to a God who giveth so freely. Let us thank the LORD for his blessings. For the food we eat, for our shelter, for life, for he yet thinks of us. He sustains us that we may make good use of our time here on this earth. The LORD is our God. O Father, I offer thanks without measure. The depths hear my voice and the heights too. O LORD, to whom I bestowed glory upon glory. Praises upon praises, dear LORD, shall dwell in thy midst. My thoughts think of you. Though I was crocked, you straightened me. You remember me, that I was created in sin. You shew me mercy; you favor me. My hope stood up like ten thousand mountains. And who am I to hope this way, lest you put in it my heart? Without you, my ways have fallen by the wayside. And all that I do is vanity. But you O LORD has bring forth righteousness. Thy hand is blessed. And the hope of the world lie on your shoulders. All thy ways prosper. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding beseech my God. And who can measure thy glory? Infinite is the LORD in all his ways. The depths knoweth the LORD and the heights knoweth the LORD. And all the praises of the LORD are magnified in this truth. Wise is the LORD. And wise is the men who seek him. When my soul is in agony I think of thee. When I rejoice, my heart thinketh of thee. Day into night and night into day, my thoughts shall be on the LORD. Life is but hell, lest the LORD is my God. Nothing else gives me the joy of the LORD. From everlasting unto everlasting, the name of the LORD shall be praised.

Thank you LORD for everything. My heart is overflowing with your joy. And thy truth has encroached me like ten thousand men. The heights and the depths are rejoicing in thy glory. The billows of many waves swell up with thy righteousness. Thy goodness beseech them with thy truth. O LORD, I praise thee for thy goodness and mercy. For thy terrible hand in righteousness, I bless thee. Forever thy name shall be great. Mighty is the LORD before me. How great is the God of Israel? I cannot comprehend it. Truly this God is the only wise, living God. He is the God on High to whom glory is exalted above all others!

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  1. Cynthia López says:

    I really enjoyed the uplifting joyous message. This for me was the best out of all I have read. I received this beautiful message on a Friday and the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit! With this message I feel warmth and happiness! Blessings for the week .

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    1. God bless you. May the hand of God rest up you, from everlasting unto everlasting. In Jesus wonderful name. Amen.


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