Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11).

Merciful God who light up the world, let thy honor be magnified before the sons of men. Let thy truth O God rise up. Let thy grace be magnified in the hands of the saints. Let it be sufficient, O LORD God, in the evil time. O blessed LORD, Father of Jesus Christ my Lord, thy hope shall abound in truth. And who shall stand against the word of God? Who shall stand against the Christ, thy beloved Son, who have defeated the enemy? O gracious and loving God, thou art my God of salvation. I am thy servant. Your righteousness is in me, through Christ my Lord. Thy truth is in me because the Holy Spirit dwells in me. I am the apple of thy eye. We, the saints, are the salt of the earth. Your truth abide in us. Your peace carries us through the viles of tempest. O Lamb of God, thou art everlasting glory. Thou art the hope of all the saints. We are thy beloved sons and daughters. The strong hand of God carries us. We dwell in the presence of safety; for the wings of God cover us. We testify to thy truth. We honor you, dear God, in thy holiness. You have lifted us up from the depths of hell. You have taken us out of the hand of the devil that we shall glory in thy name. We praise thee O LORD God without ceasing. We praise thee from everlasting unto everlasting. Because you O LORD are our mighty Savior. We rejoice in the name of Jesus Christ. His name is the sweetest name we know. His name is the joy of our souls. Our hearts rejoice in Jesus. Jesus Christ is our LORD, our resurrected Christ. He giveth life eternal to our souls. The beauty of holiness is with us. Righteousness beseech us because of Christ. We prosper in the hand of God. We prosper against all enemies of God. We prosper with the joy of God in our hearts. With the word of God we rise up with glory. We rise up with praises and we magnify our God. His truth is in our hearts; for we know that the LORD God Almighty has overcome the world. We lift up the name Jesus above all names. The hope of our God rest in our souls. We rejoice in the goodness of God. We rejoice because the hand of God is with us. Yea, the hope of God is forever faithful against the viles of Satan. It is faithful against the wiles of the devil. God is victorious and our souls know this truth. We testified of this truth, forever. Blessed be our God, the Father of Jesus Christ. Blessed be our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Blessed be the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


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