Our tongues shall praise the LORD forever. We shall bless and praise him;for he is our salvation. All our bowels shall bring forth rivers of living water. And the hope of our God shall prosper upon the hill. Upon Zion the light of the living God will shine. And we shall rejoice. The hand of God shall be magnified forever. This God of Israel shall rise up with beauty. Upon the Christ the Rock, the LORD has built his church. This is an everlasting church of glory. The hand of God is forever prosperous. The gates of hell shall not prevail against this church, the Christ, the Son of the living God.

O LORD God, blessed Father of Jesus Christ, who shall bring forth thy glory? And who shall prosper in thy truth? Deception is everywhere. Bring guidance, O LORD, that thy servants who delight in you shall glorify you. Let honor come to our God, mount up on truth. O LORD, let peace dine in the midst and let joy mount up with glory. Let us, your elect live in thy wisdom. Give us understanding and we shall live. Let us prosper in thy words in Psalm 119:144. Move mightily in this land Holy Spirit and let the glory of God be magnified. Let the hope of the living God be magnified all over this land. The days of weariness and confusion are in our midst. Bring clarity to thy servants that we may depart from the corruption of the evil one. Let truth abode and let the glory of God rise up to the heavens. O LORD, the glory is all yours. All the power is yours. Wisdom of infinite glory is thee O LORD. Thou knoweth the beginning from the end. And who can declare truth and truth will stand? Who can make the crocked straight, but thee O LORD? Let thy glory abound in hope. Thy praises O LORD is without measure. And thy hope stand tall like a high tower. Your praises shall not go vain. For we delight in thine name. We delight in thine greatness. We delight in the true and living God. We delight in the light of the world. We delight in our God. O LORD of magnanimous glory, rejoice in thine supremacy. Rejoice O LORD God; for before you there was no other God. You O LORD is the only God that liveth. All the ways of the LORD shall prosper. And we shall delight in thine ways. We shall rejoice, O LORD God; for we are the children of hope. Let my God be praised by our hand. Let him be blessed in all the land. The name of the LORD is to be feared. We shall live in the fear of the LORD. All the days of our lives we shall worship the LORD. Yea, we shall glorify him; for he is our God. Forever and ever, the name of our LORD will be praised. Amen.

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