Like many mountains that grace the heavens – the goodness of God is exceedingly high.

O LORD God, thou art mighty in all thy ways. My hope dwelleth in thy bosom. Like the morning dew it flourish in the presence of the LORD. For thine name sake O LORD, let thy blessings be magnified upon thy servants. Let thy truth rapped around their breastplate with thy armor. And who shall stand against this truth shall not prosper. Who shall not bless the hand of God shall not prosper. The mighty hand of God is marvelous. And the goodness of the LORD can be found in the depths and in the heights. His righteousness is exceedingly high. And all that the LORD has created is done in truth. Truth is rich in the heart of God. His bosom is joyful. It is full of delight and abounding hope. Let the hand of God be forever blessed. Let prosperity beseech the dwelling place of the LORD. Rise up Zion. Jump for joy – the LORD is with thee. The hope of Salvation is with thee. The hand of everlasting truth, the great and mighty God of Israel treasure thy presence. O Supreme God, the delight of my heart, the joy of my soul, the riches of my bosom, let my blessings pour upon you with the strength of many mountains. Let it grace thee O LORD from the sweetness of my heart. Let oil pour upon thee and anoint thee from the crown of thy head to the soul of thy feet. O precious LORD, for thy goodness sake and the riches of thy beauty, rejoice. Rejoice O heaven and praise the LORD. Worship him! Lift him up! Delight in the goodness of God. Be in awe with the LORD. He is our God. So precious is the soul of our LORD. Yea, the LORD is precious. In all his ways he is precious. Let everyone bless the LORD. He is our God. He created all things heaven and earth. Even you that rise up in the morning without thanks, the LORD has been good to you. Shall the clay not praise the Potter? O, the hand of God shall prosper. Beauty shall rise up in Zion. Everywhere the beauty of the LORD shall prosper. I declare this truth of the living God. Prosperity shall cloak the LORD in his righteousness. His holiness shall reign. The LORD is holy. Forever and ever, let us bless the LORD.

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