I am the vine; you are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing (John 15:5).

Children of our righteous and loving God, never forget that without our God we can do nothing . Without the LORD our efforts are futile. In Christ we abode in grace, bountiful unto the glory of God. Truth rise up in the hand of righteousness. Holiness is everywhere. The LORD in whom we put our trust availeth us much. Our hope is multiplied, magnified in the LORD. All our faithful efforts in our God avail much. We are confident in him. Hope rise up with hope and the glory of the LORD is every where. When the LORD is our counsel how can we fail? He created the heavens and the earth which abideth in truth; how can we fail? When you feel like all else has failed, remember the LORD. Remember him, I tell you. This God is true in all his ways. The hand of God will not fail. I have seen the depths of hell, yet I glory in the LORD. The hand of God is not short. Call out to the LORD.

O LORD of infinite wisdom and glory without measure, we adore you in your power and your strength. Our hope is with you, O mighty God. All our bowels thirst for you. We pant for you dear God. As the hart pant after the water brooks so panteth my soul after thee, O God (Psalms 42:1). We put our hope in you because you are our LORD and our God. Truth cometh from you O LORD God. Even before the beginning of time, the mouth of the LORD my God bringeth forth truth. All his bowels bring forth rivers of living water. We drink from the well of righteousness. We drink from the well of glory. We drink from the well that quenched our thirst. Who can say to us that our LORD is not a God in whom we can hope in? We put our trust in you, O mighty One. When the day is dawn, who shall be our confidence in the morning? Our LORD who awakes us with glory is our confidence. Our God who opens our eyes and sustain our lives is our confidence. We walk in the shadow of our God. Under his wings we seek refuge. His hope is our hope. His joy is our joy. We delight in the LORD. The grace of God and his endureth mercy are with us. The favor of God beseech us. We dwell in the shadow of God. Even in our sorrow we joy because the LORD is with us. When the day turn into night, shall we not glory? We glory, even more; for we have seen the goodness of God in the day. We have lived in the confidence of God. We believe in the hand of God. We have seen what the LORD has done. How he has bring forth beauty and his treasures are pleasurable to our souls. Night and day is a joy to our souls – we glory in them. All the ways of the LORD are joyful to our souls. We give thanks to our God who have bring glory to Zion. Hope is on the mount. Joy stand up tall like a high tower. How beautiful is our God? How beautiful is the sight which the LORD has chosen for his dwelling place? All the days of our lives our confidence is in the LORD. We will stand with our beauty. We will stand up with our LORD. We will rejoice in this God, yea, this same God of Israel, in Zion. This truth I bring to all of you. And this hope of God I leave with you, the day of our LORD draweth near. My heart is full of joy and tears flow from my eyes; for I wait eagerly for the LORD. My soul is jubilation. Yet I tell you, the glory of the LORD has come and it has not left. Let us rejoice beloved; for sweet shall be our bellies with the joy of the LORD. Our souls shall glory in the goodness of God. This hope I bring to all of you that you will rejoice, even in your weariness, knowing that we shall be with the LORD. Forever and ever, he is our God. And this joy which he shall bestow upon us is eternally joyful. Blessed be the hand of our God that bringeth joy that will not leave.


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