This hopeful glory of righteousness through Christ is by far a greater distinction this world will ever know. For in his righteousness lies the forgiveness of sin, from death to glory. In his righteousness lies the image of God, the restoration of man and God. In is righteousness lies the everlasting kingdom of God. In Christ’s righteousness we see God. We find truth standing on the mount of Zion. We find glory in every word of God. We find strength to deliver his message. This good news of our God dwell in righteousness. For the LORD who sits in the highest heaven is a righteous God. Holy is thy name, O LORD. Let our hope be a hopeful righteousness in Christ Jesus, our LORD and Savior. Let everything that is godly be praised. Let the washing of Christ’s blood be a testament to our glory. By the sprinkling of his blood all our filtiness has been made clean. And we have that confidence in Christ, knowing that if we call upon the name of the LORD he will hear us. Because of Christ, who sits at the right hand of God the Father, we can stand in jubilation. We can glory in our weariness. Our hope is not vain. We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. This is the hope of all the saints. As the Apostle Paul put it so boldly, confident unto the glory of God. I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me (Philippians 4:13). Christ has bridged the gap and has rendered all our iniquities that burdened the heart of God forgiven. O what glory hung on the Cross that taketh away the sins of the world that we are free from bondage, liberated in the sprinkling of his blood? We proclaim with boldness the goodness of God, with a magnitude of glory we bestowed upon our God. Amen. The mercy of our God is bountiful, a lifting up of our soul. Like wings of a bird he carry us. Beneath us are the bed of truth. Our rest is peaceful because the LORD is our God. His grace exceedingly rich. It has taken us to the throne of Almighty God who is power and glory everlasting. My heart is joyful. My soul for ever is jubilant because of the righteousness of Christ and the love of our God. Let our testimony be a sweet savor to God. Because he liveth we also shall live. Blessed be the LORD. Amen.  Blessed be our God who stand against corruption and rooted out the wickedness from our souls and declare justice and truth and prosperity for us. That we stand in humility, bold unto the throne of glory of our magnificent God of beauty who delight in us and we in him. The LORD God Almighty is our treasure. We pleasure in the LORD. His goodness and mercy are joyful to our souls. His grace like eagles are high beneath us. His wings of comfort embrace our souls. O LORD my God, thou art forever beautiful. Righteousness and holiness are everywhere because of the glory of the LORD. He is food for our soul. The Word of God is a delight and a glory to every man that liveth. Truly this God will rejoice. Every fiber of my soul knows right well the hope of our God. It burns with a thirst for rejoicing in the LORD. The hand of God is a delight. I see the goodness of God standing in Zion. The LORD will have his way. This is joyful to my soul. Feast in the LORD. He is a joy, a delight to our souls. Forever and ever, the righteousness of Christ is our hope.

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