Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved (Psalms 55:22). 

Who detest the ways of the LORD shall wonder what glory shall come upon the wicked? The desolation of evil men has sunken in the depths of hell. Truth stand up with vengeance and justice prevailed. The wickedness of evil men has fallen to the ground. In the depths of hell their glory reign. Truth has come and it will not leave. The LORD God Almighty is my God forever. I shall call upon the LORD and all my enemies shall flee. The LORD God Almighty shall lift me up from the midst of destruction. His glory shall destroy the desires of all my enemies. I stood in the fear of God, in his faithfulness, and the glory of the LORD beseech me. All depths and heights knoweth the ways of the LORD. Of old the LORD God Almighty is the true and living God. All my hope is in him. All my confidence is in the LORD. I have put my truth in God, only to see fear come upon men who detest the ways of God. If any man be mighty in his thoughts, let him be a fool who shall not prevail against God. Will not the work of God get done? Will not God have his glory? The LORD will be glorified in all the land. In the midst of the heathen this God will be glorified. Truth rise up to the heavens. But death shall find no glory with God. Shall the wicked find joy in the midst of the LORD? In his holiness and righteousness, the goodness of God will bring forth justice. He will bring it, even when wicked men desire it not? The LORD God Almighty is everlasting unto everlasting. And the hope of Glory will be hopeful indeed. I have searched, yet I have not seen the prosperity of the wicked against the righteous. I have not seen the glory of hell prevail against the LORD. Night and day the LORD shall glory. His hope shall be hopeful. Like many rivers that flow with his glory, so shall the LORD prosper. Like many mountains that stand strong before men, so shall the LORD stand strong. Like the heights of the heavens, so shall the LORD rise up. Glory, glory, hallelujah, feast in the beauty of the LORD. Reverence my God, he that is without knowledge. Know you not the LORD God Almighty is the true and living God? Let RIGHTEOUSNESS come forth with wisdom and knowledge. Let understanding rush to your feet. Let them declare the truth before men. Let them joy in their midst. For him who has created all things shall he not prosper? The LORD will prosper. The delight of his ways shall see glory. Hope is in the midst of the LORD. Truth abideth with thee O LORD. Honor and glory is thy fame. Glory cover thee bountifully. The LORD, he is my God, and my praises shall not end. The LORD will hear my voice. My cry will not stay in the wilderness. It shall come before God. His mercy and grace and his lovingkindness shall not grow old towards me. The LORD God Almighty is my God. Forever and ever his name shall be praised and the glory of the LORD shall abound in all the land.

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