O great God, who is like unto thee? Who shall fight against thee and prosper? Shall men without knowledge excell themselves before thee O LORD? Who shall cause vanity to reign in the midst of Almighty? O LORD, thou knowest thy ways are marvelous unto thy servant? Thou knowest my thoughts. The prevailing wind brings truth that hang in the balance. Truth is every where. And this land that mourns in misery shall it not eat of thy truth? Vanity has engulfed it and burdens it with corruption. Death is everywhere and man look not for hope. Hopelessness consumes the heart of weary men; for their evil ways blind them of thy truth. Open their eyes, O LORD, that they may see the goodness of my God. Let thy mighty hand be glorified. O praise the LORD. For his goodness and mercy is everywhere. Grab on to his hope like an olive branch. Who shall render peace in the hearts of men that knowest not God? Who shall bring hope in the midst of the heathen? O LORD, thy glory cometh upon this earth. Every where the glory of God abideth in truth. Yea, truth is in the midst and the glory of the LORD beseech it. Hope rise up with joy. The LORD my God is hopeful indeed. Marvelous is the ways of the LORD my God – my blessed hope, the joy of many souls. Nations that love the LORD rejoice in the goodness of God. O blessed hope, the sunshine of the saints, King of everlasting kingdom, O LORD, my heart desires thee O LORD. Your blessed soul is indeed a wonderful soul. O LORD, I glory in thy ways. My heart rejoice. It jumps for joy like the heights of many mountains. My joy for thee reaches the depths of many oceans. My heart longs for thee O LORD. And how many rivers must rage with war that you may know this truth? The LORD knowest all things. All my thoughts and knowledge are known by thee. Your throne is High and your gifts are excellent. How grateful I am that you are my God. How blessed I am to delight in thee O LORD? Shall thy beauty blossom with glory before thy servant? How bountiful is your grace in his path? Thy mercy, O LORD, cometh and it will not leave. Truth is a joy to the LORD. Thy servant delight in thy truth. O LORD God, glory upon magnitude upon magnitude, abounding beauty, righteousness and holiness beseech thee with gladness. My delight is with the LORD. He is my honor. He is my LORD. He is my love. Truly the goodness of God has crowned my soul because I delight in the LORD with everlasting joy. Blessed is the name of the LORD my God, for ever.

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