Let every abomination that cometh from your heart be throttle under feet. Let it be a curse that shall find no joy. Let it be cast out in darkness. And let your errors fall into the pit. Let the LORD be glorified by your hand. His truth shall stand tall like many mountains. In the day of darkness he shall be your light. And he shall be your glory. The hope of the LORD is a beauty to behold. Like a mother who give suck to her baby – The LORD shall give suck to his children. They shall eat and not be hungry. They shall drink and not thirst. The LORD is the light to the souls of many nations. His glory and his fame shall be known in all the land. The LORD will have glory to the ends of this world. Let the joy of the LORD come out from among the corruption. Come out from among the wicked and stand in the place of rest. Let glory come and let it rise up with a beacon of light. Like eagles of grace that rise up to the heavens, the righteousness of God is very High.

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